Operations Management/Management Science

Program Requirements

The requirements outlined below are effective for students starting the program in Fall 2006. Students who started the program before Fall 2006 should follow the previous requirements.

Research Methodology Courses

  • BMGT 830 Operations Research: Linear Programming
  • BMGT 834 Operations Research: Probabilistic Models
  • BMGT 808G Doctoral Seminar: Applied Microeconomics or equivalent (e.g., ECON 603)
  • BMGT 808X Doctoral Seminar: Applied Regression Analysis or equivalent

If a student chooses to take a course different from BMGT 808G, BMGT 808X or ECON 603, then the student needs approval from the PhD coordinator. For more information about these and other courses, click here.

Major Specification

BMGT 808F Seminar in Operations Management, plus five additional courses.

There are two major concentrations: Management Science (MS), and Operations Management (OM). The choice of courses is open; however, the student needs approval from the Ph.D. coordinator when choosing a course sequence. For example, a student whose major concentration is in OM generally would be expected to take more advanced courses in game theory, in addition to any Ph.D. seminar in OM offered. For more information about courses that can be taken, click here.

Minor Specification

Four courses in an area. The choice of area is open; examples are shown below:

  • Statistics (courses outside of major area)
  • Operations Management/Management science (courses outside of major area)
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Management and Organization
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Sciences

Any additional Smith School Ph.D. program requirements also have to be met, e.g. the minimum number of credits required for graduation, or courses in business functional areas.

For academic issues, contact:

Dr. Zhi-Long Chen
Orkand Corporation Professor of Management Science
Phone: 301-405-0024
Email: zchen@rhsmith.umd.edu

For admission issues, application status, or other questions, please email businessphd@rhsmith.umd.edu or call 301-405-2214.