Marketing is one of the major functional areas in business and non-profit organizations, and is one of the most popular areas of study in most undergraduate and graduate programs in management. The research conducted by our marketing faculty covers a broad range of topics, ranging from highly quantitative models of market behavior and consumer decision making to qualitative studies of consumption behavior.

A PhD in marketing ordinarily prepares students for careers in academic research and teaching in this area. While academic careers are most common, positions in consulting firms, marketing research suppliers, and corporations are also open to individuals with a PhD in marketing. There has been a very strong demand for PhDs in marketing in recent years, and this is expected in continue.

Program Requirements

Major Specification

Six substantive courses are required, including at least four doctoral level courses in substantive areas of marketing (Current Research Issues, Consumer Behavior, Strategy, and Marketing Models), and two other marketing courses that fit the student's program. Graduate-level marketing courses taken before entering the PhD Program may be counted toward this requirement.

First Minor (Research Tools) Specification

At least four graduate courses. Most students will take a sequence of courses offered by the marketing department (Multivariate Analysis, Experimental Design, Methods of Survey Research, Choice Models). Students are also encouraged to take research methods courses offered elsewhere in the university. Examples of courses that might be appropriate are:

  • BMGT 882 Applied Multivariate Analysis I
  • BMGT 883 Applied Multivariate Analysis II
  • EDMS 657 and EDMS 722 Factor Analysis and Structural Modeling
  • EDMS 771 Multivariate Data Analysis
  • ECON 621 Quantitative Methods I
  • ECON 622 Quantitative Methods II
  • ECON 623 Econometrics I
  • ECON 624 Econometrics II

Second Minor Specification

Depends on the individual student's research interests. Some possible minors: Economics, Psychology, and Management Strategy, Statistics. Student should consult the doctoral advisor in making course selections.

MBA Core Requirement

Two courses from the MBA core are required, one of which is BUMK 650. This requirement may be waived if the student has an MBA degree, a Bachelor in Business, or substitutes appropriate courses with the approval of the doctoral advisor.

Economics Requirement

One graduate level economics course is required. A graduate-level economics course taken before entering the PhD Program can be counted toward this requirement.

For information about the Smith School PhD in Marketing, contact:

Dr. Rosellina Ferraro
Associate Professor
Phone: 301-405-9664

Dr. P.K. Kannan
Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science
Phone: 301-405-2188

For admission issues, application status, or other questions, please Email or call 301-405-2214.