PhD Program at Smith

Information Systems

Information Systems Program Requirements

Major Specification - The following courses are required:

  • BMGT 808I Information Systems Research
  • BMGT 808I Research Methods in Information Technology
  • BMGT 808L Technology Artifact in Information Systems Research
  • BMGT 808D Strategic Management of Information Technology
  • BMGT 808D Information Systems Economics
  • BMGT 808H IT in Supply Chain Management

First Minor (Research Methodology) Specification

  • BMGT 808X Applied Regression
  • BMGT 882 Applied Multivariate Analysis I
  • BMGT 883 Applied Multivariate Analysis II

Second Minor Specification

Students must take four additional courses in a minor field. This may be another field within the Smith School (e.g., management, marketing) or from another part of the University (e.g., psychology, computer science, sociology). Courses should generally be at the doctoral level.

For academic issues, contact:

Prof. Siva Viswanathan
Professor of Information Systems
Coordinator, IS Phd Program 
Phone: 301-405-8587 

For admission issues, application status, or other questions, please Email or call 301-405-2214.