Information Systems

The Information Systems PhD program at the Robert H Smith School of Business is one of the best in the country and has been consistently ranked among the top 5 - 10 programs worldwide by US News and World Report, Business Week, and a number of other publications. Click here to find out more about the IS PhD Program @ Smith!

Program Requirements

Major Specification - The following courses are required:

  • BMGT 808D: Information Systems Economics I
  • BMGT 808E: Information Systems Economics II
  • BMGT 808I: Quality, Transparency, and Value of Information
  • BMGT 808J: Institutions, Firms and Collectives
  • BMGT 808O: Research Methods
  • BMGT 808P: Opportunities at Disciplinary Interfaces
  • BMGT 808V: IS in Strategy I
  • BMGT808W: IS in Strategy II
  • BMGT808R: Research Seminar

First Minor (Research Methodology) Specification

  • AREC623 Applied Microeconomics I
  • AREC624 Applied Microeconomics II
  • BMGT808G Applied Microeconomics

Second Minor Specification

Students must take four additional courses or a total of 12 credits in a minor field. This may be another field within the Smith School (e.g., management, marketing) or from another part of the University (e.g., psychology, computer science, sociology). Courses should generally be at the doctoral level.

Economics Focus:

  • ECON603: Microeconomic Analysis I
  • ECON604: Microeconomic Analysis II
  • AREC815: Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  • ECON635: Experimental Economics
  • ECON625: Computational Economics

Marketing Focus

  • BMGT858P: Marketing Models
  • BMGT858J: Structural Models

Strategy Focus

  • BMGT878L: Limited Asymmetric Information
  • BMGT878X: Best Methods Course Ever, Really
  • BMGT878R: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Research Methods Foundation

Machine Learning Focus

  • CMSC723: Computational Linguistics I
  • BMGT726: Machine Learning

For academic issues, contact:

Prof. Siva Viswanathan
Professor of Information Systems
Coordinator, IS PhD Program 
Phone: 301-405-8587 

For admission issues, application status, or other questions, please Email or call 301-405-2214.