Provides rigorous development at the highest levels of theoretical and empirical research in financial theory and practice and explore topics within asset pricing, market microstructure, risk management, etc. Please note that this area of specialization requires their doctoral students to complete the graduate-level microeconomics sequence and econometrics sequence at UMD's Department of Economics. Applicants should have completed the equivalent of three semesters of calculus, a semester of linear algebra, and a semester in differential equations.

FIN Faculty Coordinator: Mark Loewenstein

Smith FIN Faculty

Smith PhD FIN Alumni last 10 years

Jinming Xue Southern Methodist University
Stefano Collina Cornerstone Research, Washington D.C.
Bo Hu George Mason University
Donald Bowen Lehigh University
Wen Chen Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzen
Xiaoyuan Hu Cornerstone Research, San Francisco
Anne Duquerroy Bank of Paris
Danmo Lin University of Warwick
Austin Starkweather University of South Carolina
Kyung Hun Bae UNIST, Korea
Benjamin Munyan Vanderbilt University
Jeongmin Lee Washington University in St. Louis
Wei Li Johns Hopkins University
Anshuman Sinha World Bank
Nitin Kumar Indian School of Business
Onur Tosun University of Warwick
Su Li U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Katie Moon Colorado University, Boulder
Michael Padhi University of Maryland
Matthew Kozora U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Tugkan Tuzun Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Yue Xiao Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco

Top Field Journals

Journal of Finance

Journal of Financial Economics

Review of Financial Studies

Journal of Economic Theory

American Economic Review

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