Additional Requirements

Maintenance of Standing

The status and progress of students in the PhD program is continuously monitored, including an annual review by the PhD committee in the area of concentration. Students anticipating problems or delays in their work are urged to consult the program director and their area advisor as soon as difficulties arise. A short leave of absence from the program is often the best way to deal with difficulties caused by short-term health or personal problems.

Provisional Admission

All doctoral students must maintain a 3.25 overall GPA during each academic year of their program. If a student falls below the 3.25 overall GPA for the academic year, the student may automatically be put on provisional admission and be reviewed each academic semester. In the situation where a student fails one course, the department/program will review and rule on the situation.

Annual Review/Summer Report

Each year the students are asked to complete two reports: an annual review and a summer report. The annual review is due by March 1 every year and entails written feedback from the department/program by May 1. Students’ funding is dependent upon satisfactory progress feedback from this report. The summer report is due at the end of each summer and reports research and other activities accomplished over the summer.

Time Requirements

All course requirements and exams must be completed and advancement to candidacy accomplished within a five-year period. The degree must be received within four years of advancement to candidacy or nine years of admission, whichever is later, but not less than six months after advancement to candidacy. These policies are in compliance with the University of Maryland Graduate School.

Areas of Specialization

Each area of concentration (program) may have specific requirements to their program or may have requirements based upon the student’s academic history.

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