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A key reason many people seek a graduate degree is to create a better life for themselves and their families. Smith students are challenged to make necessary sacrifices during their graduate business study. For many students, not having been in an academic environment for several years is a big adjustment.

It is possible to successfully balance both your graduate business program and your family life.

Smith graduate students in all programs have said that it is crucial to enlist the support of family at the outset – cooperation and understanding by spouses, children and other family members will be a large part of your success and give you peace of mind during the program.

Even with long nights of studying and writing papers – the Smith curriculum offers the options that will allow you to create a good balance between the demands of school and home – all while receiving a quality education.

Smith students say you can expect to spend one to two hours of study time for each hour of lecture time. Working in teams can be more time-consuming – up to a full day on a weekend and a half-day or night meeting during the week. However, Smith faculty and your fellow students understand the juggling act you undertake every day and are flexible in making the experience as rewarding as possible.

"I returned to my home state for business school thinking I'd get to spend more time with my family," said one Smith student. "It was initially difficult to balance both school and work, but as a student, you learn to prioritize your time and responsibilities. Your professors are understanding that you play multiple roles besides that of full-time student. And your classmates, sharing similar worries, are the first ones to lend a helping hand."

Smith’s Family Club is a way for students, their spouses and families to meet and create informal support groups through recreational activities that get your family involved with your life at Smith and create opportunities for quality time.

While there are sacrifices to be made to obtain your Smith degree, the program is definitely manageable. In the end, expect the investment to not only pay big dividends in career advancement and upward mobility – but also in enriching the quality of life for you and your family.

Smith students are also encouraged to leverage the Family Care Resource and Referral Service at the University of Maryland. This service is another step in UMD’s efforts to achieve excellence in all areas of campus life by providing free seminars, one-on-one consultations and informational resources to students who have child care and elder care needs. Further information about these services is available on the University Human Resources website.