Master of Science in Marketing Analytics Curriculum

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Maryland Smith’s curriculum is interactive, data-focused and adjusts to reflect the trends of the modern business world. The courses you’ll take are taught by knowledgeable scholars and experts with years of experience leading others in their field.

Marketing Strategy (Market-Based Management)
3 credits | BUMK 720

Statistical Programming
2 credits | BUMK 726

This course provides students with a foundation in probability and statistics with a focus on business applications. It also gives students a foundation for thinking in both likelihood and Bayesian frameworks. The course teaches students the basics of SAS, as well as its use in statistical analysis and statistical programming. Also addressed are basic SAS language structure, data management, OLAP, enterprise miner, statistical analysis, writing procedures.

Business Communications I
1 credits | BUMK 762

Advanced Marketing Analytics
3 credits | BUMK 742

This course deals with the analysis of marketing data needed for profitable marketing decisions. It teaches students advanced methods of marketing analysis for marketing decisions, including choice and count data models, joint analysis of consumers__ choice, quantity and timing decisions, mixture and mixture regression models, and conjoint analysis, all using data-based cases and SAS software. Applications are in the areas of strategic marketing, marketing segmentation, eye tracking for advertising effectiveness, new product development, sales promotion analysis, pricing, design of marketing mix, and direct marketing.

Data Science
3 credits | BUMK 746

This class provides an introduction to data science and the basic concepts of database management. The course also provides an overview of the various sources of in house data that are available to many organizations. Students will learn how to work with click stream, scanner panel and social media data. Geo-demographic datasets will be discussed and explored, and techniques for data-fusion will receive ample attention.

Marketing Research and Analysis
3 credits | BUMK 744

This course provides a review of primary data collection methods for marketing data. Students will learn how to design and implement effective confirmatory research. Both direct methods such as surveys and indirect methods such as experiments will be covered. In this hands-on course, students will design and conduct research with target customers, analyze the data, and then present their results to decision makers.

Action Learning Project
2 credits | BUMK 776

This is a 2 credit project based course where students will analyze marketing data, report their findings and provide appropriate recommendations.

Business Communications II
1 credits | BUMK 764

This course teaches students how to communicate quantitative information effectively. The course will focus on developing written, spoken and presentation skills.

CRM Analytics
2 credits | BUMK 758R

This is a 2 credit project based course where students will analyze marketing data, report their findings and provide appropriate recommendations.

Customer Analysis
3 credits | BUMK 724

This course focuses on the analysis of customer decision-making and how marketing strategy can be used to influence those decisions. The framework used is the buyer behavior model, in which concepts from psychology, sociology, and economics are applied to individual and organizational purchase decisions. Marketing strategies of leading firms in consumer products, technology, and services (including internet services) are analyzed using a variety of case study formats.

Business Policies and Ethics
2 credits | BUMK 760

This course is a study of the standards of business conduct, morals and values as well as the role of business in society. Students will consider the sometimes conflicting interests of and claims on the firm and its objectives.

Pricing Analytics
2 credits | BUMK 773

The course will focus on the economic and behavioral aspects of pricing and the evaluation of innovative pricing practices such as price matching, customized pricing, bundle pricing and product line pricing. The course will cover both B2B, B2C, online and offline markets. Instruction will be through a mix of case studies, pricing simulation games, hands-on exercises, practitioner guest lectures and discussions.

Digital Analytics
2 credits | BUMK 766

This course examines the process of developing, implementing and analyzing strategies for successfully marketing a variety of existing and potential products and services on the Internet. Special attention is devoted to the tools and techniques unique to the electronic media.

0 Credits | BMGT099 | Download Sample Syllabus

This online course allows you to gain academic recognition for completing an internship in your area of study. This course is offered through Maryland Smith’s Office of Career Services (OCS).

  • The course is offered in fall, winter, spring and summer semesters.
  • You’ll apply the business concepts you learn in class to the real world. Gain more industry insight, clarify your career goals, and develop your professional and technical skills.
  • Assignments include completing a work log, reflection activity, LinkedIn post and employer survey. All are completed virtually using Canvas.

Prerequisites and Guidelines

Prior approval from OCS is required to register for the course. More information on this process can be found in the Registration Process, Process Map and Registration Approval Checklist documents. To be approved, you must:

  • Be in good academic standing. 
    You must be a current student enrolled in a specialty master’s program for at least two consecutive semesters. You must also have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Meet the working hours requirement and location guidelines. 
    You must work at least 75 hours at your internship during that semester. Depending on which semester you enroll, workplace location guidelines may also apply.
  • Update your Internship putcome and complete an Experiential Learning profile. 
    Submit your information on HireSmith and upload the following forms to your Experiential Learning profile:

Special Guidelines for International Students

Registration in this course does not guarantee Curricular Practical Training (CPT). However, this course does fulfill the academic requirement for CPT. Authorization is granted by the Office of International Student and Scholars and Services (ISSS). Once you are enrolled in this course, see ISSS for more details on CPT authorization.

For questions about the course and receiving internship credit, email Angela Vaughn, director of Specialty Master’s Programs for OCS, at