Testimonial: Sneha Saxena

Sneha Saxena… the on campus events gave me ample opportunity to meet people from different cultures.

I come from an engineering background with a few years of IT industry experience. My stint as an IT analyst exposed me to the many ways data impacts business strategy and decisions. I had aspired to pursue a master's degree for several years and the newfound passion for data further fueled my interest in pursuing a course focused on IT, business strategies and data analytics at the same time.

The MS in Information Systems program at the Smith School of Business fit the bill perfectly. I was fortunate to get admitted and the journey so far has been absolutely enriching. The courses are well tailored to cater to both technical and business aspects. I found the business courses particularly interesting as I had never experienced learning through case studies and fun yet informative in-class exercises. The professors are top-notch and there is quite a lot of stress on class participation. This compelled me to go well prepared to the classes and encouraged me to put forth my opinion in front of an audience with much more confidence. Although some of the courses sound more technical than the others, the interesting part is how students are made aware of the business angle and how technology is to be assessed and applied in a way that leverages it to benefit business.

While the academic experience so far has been better than what I had hoped for, the on campus events gave me ample opportunity to meet people from different cultures. There is always something interesting happening on campus - fun events, trips to places around College Park, Md., informative sessions, networking events to name a few, not to mention the various sports events happening all around the year. I am more than happy with my program and with my academic break at UMD.

- Sneha Saxena