Tax Track

The specialization of Tax Accountant has job opportunities similar in scope to the entire accounting profession - a predicted 13% growth between now and 2020. However, according to statistics compiled by "Payscale - Human Capital", the average tax accountant will earn, on average, about 5% to 7% more than other CPA's.

The MS in Accounting Tax Track at the University of Maryland is wonderfully contrived to give today's accounting graduates a direct ticket to the tax department for any size accounting firm. Our program will give you what you need for a successful career in tax, concentrating on all the big areas of today's tax practices:

  • corporate tax
  • partnership
  • international
  • individual income planning and estate tax
  • real estate
  • tax-exempt organizations

Perhaps most intriguing is that a graduate from the Robert H. Smith School of Business tax track program will be well marketable for all areas of the accounting profession. True, the skills learned in this program train you to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of a tax accountant: compliance work, research, planning, and handling of tax audits. However, the program, being a step short of a masters in tax, sets you up as a well rounded accountant.

Because of the tax skills learned in this program you will be:

  1. highly valuable to any public accounting department outside of tax (auditing, advisory, financial and valuation services, small business, forensic),
  2. ready for any in-house corporate accounting department and
  3. open to any government accounting position.

Why? Tax concerns permeates every business transaction and US GAAP application, so armed with the knowledge and skills gained in this program you will stand above the crowd everywhere.

So imagine yourself being able to go in any direction of the accounting profession you wish. This program gives you that the way no other does. 

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