MicroMasters in MBA Core Curriculum

Earn a certificate or begin your MBA with the MicroMasters in MBA Core Curriculum

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The Maryland Smith MicroMasters in MBA Core Curriculum program is specifically designed for ambitious professionals who seek to accelerate the trajectory of their career by acquiring foundational MBA knowledge, but find that the timing and costs of traditional education options are holding them back.

With the explosion of new learning platforms, we are excited to offer this unique opportunity to fit your schedule and your budget. Smith’s MicroMasters Program in the MBA Core Curriculum on the edX platform is at the forefront of the latest virtual learning technology and innovative techniques.

The Maryland Smith MicroMasters Difference

  • Our program is built for success-driven, independent learners looking to understand the world of business anew, shore up foundational business and management knowledge and earn a valuable credential.
  • Enjoy opportunities to interact and build your professional networks, both domestic and global.
  • Benefit from a curriculum of cutting edge content, curated and delivered by the same top-ranked faculty that you will meet in our traditional MBA programs. 
  • Strengthen your business acumen on your own terms with an asynchronous, flexible delivery platform that allows you to learn where and when it’s convenient for you.   
  • You’ll have thousands of classmates from around the world, and you’ll interact with them and with your faculty through discussion boards, case studies, quizzes, and live webinars.

Valuable Outcomes

What you will learn

  • Devise the right marketing strategy for your idea or firm
  • Use the vast information available in the world today to gain insight, create a competitive edge, and avoid being tomorrow’s data breach headline
  • Evaluate corporate investment opportunities to drive shareholder value
  • Use the language of business to communicate financial information to investors, shareholders, creditors, and regulators
  • Interact with organizational leaders, speaking their language and building a case for your ideas
  • Lead a team of people and use your influence to achieve strategic goals
  • Create the right strategy for your firm to gain a competitive advantage over others in your market space, domestically and globally 

A MicroMasters Clears Your Path To Maryland Smith’s Nationally Ranked Online MBA

A MicroMasters from Maryland Smith provides a low-cost path to Smith’s Top 10 Online MBA. This bundle of seven courses is the first-ever MicroMasters in MBA Core Curriculum Program on the edX platform, resulting in a MicroMasters certificate for verified learners who successfully pass the course assessments and the opportunity to count those 14 credits toward Smith’s Online MBA.  

If you proceed with the Online MBA program at Maryland Smith, these seven MicroMasters courses will count for 25% of your degree, an incredible cost savings. Full admission into the program through the University of Maryland’s Graduate School is required to earn the credits. 

Program Structure

The MicroMasters in MBA Core Curriculum consists of seven, distinct courses offered at no cost on the edX learning platform. The courses are offered with free, rigorous content and applied learning activities, readings and exercises. The assessment and additional facilitated content is offered to a learner once they pursue the paid verified track.  

Verified track learners may enroll in any single course and earn a certificate for that course after successfully passing the final exam, or, enroll in all seven courses with the potential to earn the full MicroMasters credential in less than a year.

Expert instruction: 7 graduate-level courses

Program Length: Less than one year, depending on your pace

Time Commitment: 8 to 10 hours per week, at your own pace

Cost for Audit Track: Free

Cost for Verified Track: $399USD per course

Discounted Cost: $2,514USD for the full seven course program experience

Course Descriptions and Timelines

Corporate Finance

Develop the ability to identify and resource high-value strategic initiatives and ensure a high rate of return for your firm's investments.

Options: Jan. 4 or July 26, 2021

Leadership and Influence

Develop and hone the skills to motivate and inspire others so you can confidently lead your organization to success.

Options: Jan. 4 or July 26, 2021

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the language of business. Learn to effectively interpret financial information to make sound decisions and confidently communicate to other leaders in your firm and with potential investors, shareholders, and creditors.

Options: Self-paced, opens Jan. 4, 2021

Digital Transformation in Business

Learn about the explosion of technologies that are transforming business and how to strategically leverage technologies to maximize the value--and minimize the risk--to your firm.

Options: Self-paced, opens Jan. 4, 2021

Data Analysis for Decision Making

Use data analysis to gather critical business insights, identify market trends before your competitors, and gain advantages for your business.

Options: March 15 or Oct. 4, 2021

Global Business Strategy

Learn how to capitalize on opportunities, and manage the challenges of the global marketplace, and leverage this dynamic environment for long-term value.

Options: March 15 or Oct. 4, 2021

Marketing Management

Learn key marketing strategies and tactics to help your company develop products that match customers' needs, create awareness and demand for those products, and drive sales.

Options: March 15 or Oct. 4, 2021


The Bottom Line

A MicroMasters certificate will turbocharge your career. In this ultra-competitive job market, this program will set you apart and help you make a more valuable contribution to your organization. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll gain the business background needed to build a new venture. Or, perhaps it will give you the confidence to go for that dream job.

Don’t stop there! Use your Micromasters credits and apply to the Online MBA and save 25% towards a full Maryland Smith online MBA degree. For independent, self-motivated learners, at a fraction of the price, the MicroMasters may be the program for you. Be sure to check out all of the requirements for admission into the OMBA or other Smith Masters degrees.

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For questions or inquiries, please contact us at smith_micromasters@umd.edu.

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