Minjae Kim

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Current MS Program: Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

1st or 2nd Year: 1st

Hometown: Korea

Undergraduate University and Major: Chonbuk National University, International Trade

Minjae Kim

Why did you decide to attend the Smith School?

As a person who seeks the best SCM education, choosing the Smith School of Business was a natural decision. It has proven its excellence through its inclusion on many authorized academies, publishings, and rankings. The school is located close to the major East-coast business centers of commercial influence, making it a prime hub to study and learn about the complex SCM systems in the area. I thought I would have so many career opportunities in this area, and I was right. I have no doubt that the Smith School of Business was my best choice to get a quality SCM education and start my career as a SCM specialist.

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

There are so many resources and opportunities in which MS students can use and participate. The faculty is very helpful, and they are very willing to give advice to their students. Various resources like workshops, career coaching, and meetings with large organizations are available every week. In addition, there are many clubs that MS SCM students can join. I have attended seminars and workshops for my career and helped a doctoral student’s research as a graduate assistant. I have developed my communication skills and academic knowledge by participating in these events provided by the MS program. All of these experiences are tremendously valuable for my future and have made me very confident.

What advice would you give to future Smith Masters candidates?

I would advise a future Smith Masters candidate to use the school’s resources. The faculty is always welcoming and listens to student concerns. They will direct you how to solve your problem, improve your skills, and learn valuable information in school. Also, it is never too early to begin networking. Be ready, be involved. Go to career fairs, meetings, and seminars as often as you can. These events will increase your chances to obtain your dream job. Do not hesitate and use your time wisely.