Mengfei Li

Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

Current MS Program: Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

1st or 2nd Year: 1st Year

Hometown: Jiangxi, China

Undergraduate University and Major: Shanghai Normal University, Financial Engineering

Are you a member of any student clubs or organizations? Change the World Nonprofit Consulting Program

Mengfei Li

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

The Robert H. Smith School of Business enjoys an advantageous geographical location, which features a cornucopia of culture, diversity, and career opportunities in the United States. More importantly, I can learn from Smith’s eminent faculty and gain access to more advanced mathematical and statistical models and tools required for customer analysis. This matches perfectly with my previous internship experiences and education background.

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

The marketing analytics program enhances competitiveness of the graduate students. It provides not only cutting-edge marketing knowledge, but also relevant analytical skills, which are practical in the current business world. Our classes involve significant discussion and in-class activities, which enable students to learn from both the professors and classmates. Moreover, in analytics, we have opportunities to analyze real data from a partnered corporation.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?

Learn to make use of the resources at Smith. There are myriads of activities such as career workshops, technical workshops, free trips, etc. Taking advantage of these resources will allow you to expand your social circle, improve competitiveness and, if you are international, pursue a deeper understanding of American culture.