Melissa Delcid

Master of Science in Information Systems

Current MS Program: Master of Science in Information Systems

1st or 2nd Year: 1st year

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Undergraduate Degree:University of Maryland, College Park

Double degree: BS Information Systems and BS Accounting

Are you a member of any student clubs or organizations? Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)

Melissa Delcid

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

I chose to earn my Masters from the Smith School because I had already been here for a few years and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I remember being a junior during my undergrad and feeling nervous excitement about having been admitted into a successful and prominent program. Being at the Smith school allowed me to join an organization and become part of the executive board, develop relationships with different students, faculty and staff and firm recruiters, meet people from different majors and indulge in different cultures. I continued my education at the Smith School because the MSIS program is unique. I’m certain that the experiences I’m currently enjoying would not have happened elsewhere.

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

I did the Dual Bachelors/Masters (Plus 1) program, which really helped me become a graduate student while still being an undergrad. That’s why I love Smith because it gave me the exposure to the rigor of graduate level courses. This made me feel much more prepared when I officially matriculated into the program. The MS program is unique because it offers a community of caring individuals who are always willing to help and sincerely invest in my career. The one aspect of the MS program that I appreciate the most is the emphasis on doing. Learning why x, y and z happens is important but actually being taught how to do it helps much more in the long run when entering the workplace. This is something that isn’t taught everywhere.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?

I would advise future candidates not to fear doing something because of potential failure. I had no prior coding knowledge or experience dealing with large data sets, and I am a successful student in the MSIS program. The program can be difficult and intense but very rewarding and conducive to personal growth. Also, networking is important. You never know when, how, or where you will get the job of your dreams so meet as many people as you can and gain their insight about various career paths. Take advantage of all of the available resources and opportunities!