Hayley Smith

Master of Science in Accounting

Current MS Program:  Master of Science in Accounting

1st or 2nd Year: 1st year

Hometown: Mount Airy

Undergraduate University and Major: University of Maryland, Marketing and Supply Chain Management 

Hayley Smith

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

I chose to attend the Smith School of Business for a Master’s degree because I attended the school as an undergraduate and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The school has fantastic programs with experienced faculty and professors who are truly dedicated to your success. There are also a variety of extracurricular activities in which you can connect with classmates and make new friends!

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

My MS program is unique because it offers a variety of classes outside of the typical accounting education. The program offers valuable courses on topics like communication and negotiation, which are extremely important to be a successful professional.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?

I would tell a future applicant to make sure he/she takes advantage of everything the Smith School has to offer. There are amazing opportunities to network and meet experienced professionals that can serve as key contacts when looking for jobs. The professors are also great resources when you need guidance on career paths.