Harry Ng

Master of Science in Accounting

Current MS Program: Master of Science in Accounting

Concentration or Specialization: Internal Auditing

1st or 2nd Year: 1st year

Hometown: Hong Kong

Undergraduate University and Major: University of Utah, Accounting

Are you a member of any student clubs or organizations? Latter-Day Saints Student Association 

Harry Ng

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

During the process of applying for graduate schools, I was accepted into schools that were in the U.S. Top 30 Accounting Program Rankings and into the two most prestigious programs in Australia. I ultimately chose the Smith School of Business because it is more committed than any other school I was admitted into, in helping students, especially international students, to find internships and full-time job opportunities. Its proximity to the nation’s capital provides great networking exposure and high accessibility to large corporations.  

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

The MS Accounting program offers an internal auditing track. I am unaware of any other program that offers this unique emphasis. I think this track is highly important, as many accountants who worked in public accounting predominantly worked in industries in which internal auditing skills become critical. Another unique quality of the program is that it promotes an environment of community and inclusiveness. Our programs recognize that it is important to help students find where they feel belonging. Therefore, the Smith School provides many opportunities for students to join and serve in business student clubs, and other activities to help us get involved. This demonstrates that my MS program is more than just an educational business.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?

Get involved as soon as possible! Be fearless! Talk to people you don’t know, and get to know them. It will help you grow your network and may open career paths you don’t already know exist! Join clubs and activities to expand your horizons!