Aliah Y. Abdul-Malik

Master of Science in Accounting

Current MS Program: Master of Science in Accounting

1st or 2nd Year: 1st

Concentration or Specialization: Internal Audit

Hometown: Queens, New York

Undergraduate University and Major: Syracuse University, Accounting

Are you a member of any student clubs or organizations? National Association of Black Accountants

Aliah Y. Abdul-Malik

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

The Smith School is willing to help students in need as much as possible, while also providing an extensive education. I knew that this would be the school to help me receive my CPA, while also preparing me for my career.

In your opinion, what makes your Smith MS program unique?

This program is unique because you are able to take more classes within the accounting field than you would in other programs. This helps many students get different ideas about the various sectors in the accounting profession and choose their preference. This has helped me see sides of accounting that I didn’t know existed.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?

My advice to future applicants would be to stay open minded. There are plenty of careers that are related to accounting and you might be surprised regarding your interests. Keeping an open mind allows you to see every opportunity that is available to you.