Isaac Ashong, MBA 2018

“During my search for an MBA program, I was looking for a place where I could be part of a family.”

Focus Area: Strategy

Hometown: Ghana, West Africa

Education: Siena Heights University

Before Smith: Highlights For Children

Extracurricular Activities: Consulting club, Black MBA, Net Impact, Smith Soccer

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business?

During my search for an MBA program, I was looking for a place where I could be part of a family. Not only did Smith have this quality, but also many that I came to realize were equally important. From the emails I received and also interactions with the admission team, I immediately knew this was the place to be. They genuinely cared about me, what I was looking for in a program, and my goals post MBA. Smith is definitely the place to be if you want to be a part of a program that places emphasis on community and genuine relationships.

In your opinion, what makes the Smith MBA program unique?

When I think about Smith, there are three things that come to mind that make it unique—the people, learning style, and location. Smith does a very good job of bringing together people from different backgrounds with an understanding that the common goal is for all of us to succeed. Also, Smith uses textbooks, case studies and experiential learning, so you are sure to find a learning style that works best for you. Lastly, the school is situated in Maryland, which is close to Washington, DC. This provides an enormous amount of opportunities. The location provides access to some of the best companies in the United States.

What advice would you give to future Smith MBA candidates?

Future Smith candidates should know that they are unique in their own right. At Smith, there is no need to put up a different face for the MBA admission team or process. People are allowed to be who they are and this assures that they get into a program that is right for them. Also, Smith takes a holistic approach to the admission process so, do well on the GMAT/GRE but still apply if you are slightly below the average. Lastly, enjoy the process.