MBA Admission Events: 2015

Date City Event 
7/16/15 New York Inside the MBA
7/18/15 San Francisco The MBA Tour
7/19/15 Los Angeles The MBA Tour
7/23/15 Atlanta The MBA Tour
7/25/15 New York The MBA Tour
7/27/15 Chicago The MBA Tour
7/29/15 Washington, DC The MBA Tour
7/30/15 Boston The MBA Tour
8/17/15 Boston Forté Forum
8/18/15 Washington, DC Forté Forum
8/19/15 Atlanta Forté Forum
8/20/15 Miami Forté Forum
8/25/15 San Francisco Forté Forum
8/26/15 Los Angeles Forté Forum
8/27/15 Houston Forté Forum
8/31/15 Chicago Forté Forum
9/1/15 New York Forté Forum
9/2/15 New York Forté Forum
9/15/15 New York Idealist
9/17/15 Boston QS World MBA Tour 
9/19/15 New York QS Connect 1-2-1
9/20/15 New York QS World MBA Tour 
9/22/15 Philadelphia QS World MBA Tour 
9/23/15 Washington, DC QS Connect 1-2-1
9/24/15 Washington, DC QS World MBA Tour 
9/26/15 San Francisco QS World MBA Tour 
9/27/15 Los Angeles QS World MBA Tour 
9/28/15 San Diego Inside the MBA
10/1/15 Washington, DC Idealist
10/6/15 Minneapolis Inside the MBA
10/8/15 Chicago Inside the MBA
10/13/15 Atlanta QS World MBA Tour 
10/17/15 Houston QS World MBA Tour 
11/2/15 Philadelphia Inside the MBA
11/4/15 Washington, DC Inside the MBA
11/9/15 Atlanta Inside the MBA
11/11/15 Charlotte Inside the MBA
11/12/15 Raleigh Inside the MBA
11/16/15 Austin Inside the MBA
11/16/15 Washington, DC QS Connect 1-2-1
11/18/15 Houston Inside the MBA
11/19/15 Dallas Inside the MBA
Date City Event
8/1/15 Mumbai QS World MBA Tour 
8/4/15 New Delhi QS World MBA Tour 
8/6/15 Hyderabad  QS World MBA Tour 
8/8/15 Bangalore QS World MBA Tour 
8/22/15 Singapore QS World MBA Tour Premium
8/24/15 Taipei QS World MBA Tour Premium
8/27/15 Tokyo The MBA Tour
8/29/15 Taipei The MBA Tour
8/29/15 Shanghai QS World MBA Tour Premium
8/30/15 Beijing QS World MBA Tour Premium
8/31/15 Seoul The MBA Tour
9/1/15 Seoul QS World MBA Tour Premium
9/2/15 Beijing The MBA Tour
9/3/15 Tokyo QS World MBA Tour Premium
9/6/15 Osaka QS World MBA Tour Premium
9/6/15 Shanghai The MBA Tour
9/8/15 Bangkok The MBA Tour
9/10/15 Ho Chi Minh The MBA Tour
9/12/15 Jakarta The MBA Tour
9/14/15 Singapore The MBA Tour
10/27/15 Tokyo QS World MBA Tour 
10/29/15 Seoul QS World MBA Tour 
10/31/15 Shanghai QS World MBA Tour 
11/1/15 Beijing QS World MBA Tour 
Date City Event
10/12/15 Istanbul The MBA Tour
10/14/15 Tel Aviv The MBA Tour
Date City Event
8/22/15 Bogota Premium Bogota