MBA Consulting Practicum

The MBA Consulting Practicum consists of semester-long integrated class and consulting engagement with a company partner. The course aims to build the critical and transferrable management consulting skills. This is achieved by: gaining an understanding of the dynamics of the management consulting industry; emphasizing hands-on practice and real-time feedback of management consulting skills and tools needed to concurrently and successfully engage with a client, and; providing timely and rigorous class discussion of business cases, group exercises, individual exercises and other relevant course activities that drive successful project outcomes.

MBA Consulting Practicum projects cover a broad spectrum of topics including: finance, marketing, analytics, strategy, supply chain/logistics, human resource management, and information technology. Often a MBA Consulting Practicum project will be cross-functional investigating, for example, the impact of leading edge information technology on business processes and client relationships in electronic commerce and supply chain management. Past clients have included Salesforce, GE Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, McCormicks, Environmental Defense Fund, Marriott International Inc., and the University System of MD Foundation.

The MBA Consulting Practicum affords MBA students the opportunity to hone a wide range of consulting skills in the "living case" environment. While working in cross-functional teams, students will accomplish the following:

  • Generate documentation for the client to establish the project goals and align deliverables with project timelines.
  • Break up a complicated problem into logical, independent pieces through a systematic investigative and analytical process.
  • Synthesize information and develop specific recommendations among a range of feasible alternatives to drive key conclusions.
  • Present oral and written recommendations and conclusions to persuade and gain buy-in from the client.
  • Influence others effectively using a range of ethical tactics to gain and enhance team building and leadership abilities.