Experiential Learning

Get a Smith Experience

You’ll apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world challenges with Smith’s unique experiential learning opportunities. Developed in collaboration with faculty and corporate partners, Smith offers a portfolio of programs that provides students with hands-on experiences aligned with their Career Tracks. You’ll take your analytical tools and leadership competencies and use them to assess complex problems, manage teams and clients, set strategy, and deliver innovative solutions.

Smith Live Cases

MBAs get a behind-the-scenes look at a real corporation, and get a sense of the breadth and scope of the challenges it faces when business leaders and executives come to the classroom for Smith Live Cases. Our partner companies have included Salesforce and Marriott.

Case Competitions

Case competitions give students the opportunity to demonstrate and develop communication and collaboration skills and to strategize business challenges in real time. Some students have even landed job offers through the experience. Smith MBAs compete in case competitions all over the United States each year.

Easily one of the most anticipated events of the program, the Smith MBA Orientation Case Competition is the first comprehensive test of strategic thinking and analytical skills first-year MBAs encounter.

At the start of the case competition, teams are given a general management case that examines broad strategy issues facing a company. Teams submit their analyses and recommendations in written and oral presentations. Four teams advance to the final round, which is judged by a panel of distinguished business leaders who act as the company’s board of directors. 

Mayer Fund

Make portfolio and investment decisions in real-time while managing the $4 million Mayer Fund. Learn more.

Global Study

Go on, go global. Stretch your learning across continents with programs designed around hands-on experiences. Participate in a global consulting opportunity, faculty-led global experience or a semester-long exchange program. You’ll earn academic credit while adding international exposure to your résumé.

Leadership Development

Focus on your leadership development priorities in our semester-long “Leading Fearlessly” program. It’s a series of challenging co-curricular activities combined with high-level executive coaching. You might travel to Gettysburg with a U.S. Naval Academy instructor for an exercise in battleground leadership, or to a state park for an “Arctic Survival” exercise, or to Annapolis for a yacht race on the Chesapeake Bay. And throughout the semester, your executive coach will work with you to create an action plan for growth.

Business Communication

Among surveyed employers, strong communication skills are a highly sought attribute. Business Communication at Smith supports the development of transformational leaders who understand that critical thinking is at the core of effective communication; that to truly communicate, influence and persuade requires clarity of thought, listening intentionally and delivering messages in an optimal way.

Learn more about Business Communication.

Student Clubs

The Smith MBA has 19 student clubs and organizations keep you involved with campus life — a vital part of the Smith experience. Participating in the many opportunities for learning and achieving that exist everywhere at Smith will change your perspective, your focus — even your life. Learn more about graduate student clubs.