MBA/MSW Degree (Master of Social Work)

Dual Degree - MBA/MSW

MBA/MSW Overview

Making a real difference with corporate management skills in the nonprofit sector

While pursuing their MBA degree, students may also pursue their MSW at the University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore. Whether you want to start your own organization or create societal and environmental change from within a company, the MBA/MSW degree provides a great start with access to coursework and career planning. This program provides a unique combination of skills for those who wish to become managers of social service agencies. In social service agencies, financial and business expertise combined with social work practice, knowledge, and experience is invaluable. The degrees complement each other, and provide graduates with the combination of knowledge, experience, and values necessary in business and the human services system.

Combining the strengths of the School of Social Work’s MSW program and one of the world’s premier MBA programs, students will be exposed to two diverse curricula and faculties. Students will experience life in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, a 40-mile stretch connecting two exceptional cities that share one of the richest concentrations of resources and talent in the nation.

Graduation Requirements

This program requires 90 total credit hours for graduation and can be completed in three years. Under the dual degree program, 51 credits of social work courses and 39 credits of business courses are required. Students typically would complete their first year in the MSW, their second in the MBA program, and their third in the MSW program.

MBA/MSW Testimonials

Why did you choose the MBA/MSW program at the University of Maryland?

“I chose this dual degree program because both schools are stellar. Each year the MBA/MSW graduates go on to do amazing things, and I feel confident that this program would set me on a path for success.” — Ebony Harley, MBA/MSW Candidate 2017

“My heart is in social work—I can’t imagine doing anything else—but I wanted a program with a strong focus in management. The MBA/MSW combination was the perfect fit. I’ve gained skills such as financial management, quantitative analysis, and strategic thinking. The dual degree is also well-aligned with my professional interests: capacity strengthening, monitoring and evaluation, and economic development.” — Katelyn Victor, MBA/MSW Candidate 2016

In your opinion, what makes the MBA/MSW program unique?

“One of the great things about the program at UMD is its proximity to Washington, D.C., where many of the largest nonprofits are headquartered. This means there are many opportunities to reach out to professionals already working in the field.” —Katelyn Victor, MBA/MSW Candidate 2016

“This program is one of a few that really allows you to think about how you can make an impact in organizations and communities and the people in them, with an equal emphasis on key economic drivers that must also be considered when making strategic decisions.” — Ebony Harley, MBA/MSW Candidate 2017

“The people! Being surrounded by a community of smart and ambitious people on both campuses really helped to challenge my thinking in transformative ways…. I knew that to help organizations drive systemic change, I would have to gain both people building and strategic thinking skills. My HR Management class through the Social Work program and my Social Entrepreneurship course through the Smith School overlapped in ways that helped me practice utilizing both lenses for tangible outcomes.” — Krystal Duffus, MBA/MSW Candidate 2016

MBA/MSW Contact

Tia M. Tanksley 
Assistant Director of Admissions, Full-Time MBA 
Smith School of Business 
University of Maryland 
2303 Van Munching Hall 
College Park, MD 20742 

Karen Hopkins, PhD, MSW
University of Maryland School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410-706-1496
Email: khopkins@ssw.umaryland.edu