MBA/MPP Degree (Master of Public Policy)

Dual Degree - MBA/MPP

MBA/MPP Degree Overview

Merging public and private sector management skills

While pursuing their MBA degree, students may also pursue their MPP at the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy in College Park, conveniently located in the same building as the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The MBA/MPP program is designed to prepare students for positions of responsibility in national security policy, public sector financial management, public policy, and private enterprise.

Admission Requirements

Students may take both the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and the GMAT, or the GMAT alone.

Graduation Requirements

The dual degree program, which can be completed in three years, requires 66 total credits, with a minimum of 30 credits from each program.

MBA/MPP Testimonials

Why did you choose the MBA/MPP program?

“I was attracted to the dual degree program because of its excellent faculty, engaged students, and the many experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom. Just this past year I won first place in a case competition with three other MBA students, and I also worked on a consulting project with an NGO in India.” — Anna Holland, MBA/MPP Candidate 2017

“I am so happy that I decided to do the dual degree program. When I started grad school, I wanted to work in fundraising because it is a way to have an impact on a good cause that has measureable results. Now I am interested in pursuing a career in corporate social responsibility or impact investing. Without the dual degree, I would never have been exposed to these new career options or had the skills needed to apply for jobs in these areas in the future.” — Kirsten Craft, MBA/MPP Candidate 2017

“With the increase in public-private partnerships and corporate social responsibility initiatives, it is now vital to understand the intricacies of working across business and public policy. The Smith School of Business and the School of Public Policy are prestigious schools that offer diverse resources for connecting with professionals in one’s field of interest. With its close proximity to Washington, D.C., the dual degree program provides many opportunities in the area to help launch or pivot your career.” — Vickie Ryan, MBA/MPP Candidate 2016

In your opinion, what makes the MBA/MPP program unique?

“In both programs, students care about the successes of other students and professors have an invested interest in each student they teach. For me personally, this has allowed me to grow immensely as a person.” — Kirsten Craft, MBA/MPP Candidate 2017

“Smith’s emphasis on social value creation and social entrepreneurship makes it a good fit for MPP students who are interested in social enterprises or corporate social responsibility. UMD MBA/MPP graduates couldn't be more prepared for leadership across public policy and business sectors. I wouldn’t have done graduate school any differently!” — Anna Holland, MBA/MPP Candidate 2017

“The dual degree program is particularly unique because it provides two very different perspectives and approaches to solving problems. Through the dual degree program, I have developed my writing, quantitative, and analytical skills and have learned to work with diverse individuals from different backgrounds and with varying work styles. It also expands my professional network, exposes me to different ways of thinking and provides twice the amount of opportunities—from academic courses and clubs to career support. Beyond the academics, I have developed life-long friendships from both programs.” — Vickie Ryan, MBA/MPP Candidate 2016

MBA/MPP Contact

Tia M. Tanksley 
Assistant Director of Admissions, Full-Time MBA 
Smith School of Business 
University of Maryland 
2303 Van Munching Hall 
College Park, MD 20742 

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