MBA/JD Degree (Juris Doctor)

Dual Degree - MBA/JD

MBA/JD Degree Overview

Linking legal and business skills

While pursuing their MBA degree, students may also pursue their JD at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law in Baltimore. The MBA/JD program is designed to prepare students for positions of responsibility in industry, commerce, or government.

Combining a top JD program and one of the world’s premier MBA programs, students will be exposed to two diverse curricula and faculties. Students will experience life in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, a 40-mile stretch connecting two exceptional cities that share one of the richest concentrations of resources and talent in the nation.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting each school’s admission criteria, students must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the Graduate Admission Test (GMAT).

Graduation Requirements

Under the dual-degree program, 76 credits in law school courses and 33 credits in business courses are required for graduation. The program typically takes four years to complete.

Why did you choose the MBA/JD program at the University of Maryland?

I decided to pursue an MBA/JD because of my especially focused personal objectives, and chose the University of Maryland Smith School of Business because of the strong support it provided to my ambitions. The Smith program offered not only the skills and resources needed to succeed, but at every point during my academic career I was offered encouragement and advice tailored to achieving my goals. The commitment to a dual-degree program is a considerable investment, and was an easier decision to make when I felt so strongly that the program was also invested in me. 

I had several opportunities to meet with faculty, staff, and students in the program before I made my choice to attend, which strengthened my desire to obtain my MBA/JD at Smith. At various open houses, I had the chance to speak with professors, and found them to be genuinely interested in how legal perspectives can influence business decisions. I also had the chance to speak with career coaches, and came away impressed by their insightful career advice and how they made efforts to tailor that guidance to unique backgrounds such as my own. Additionally, the students who became part of my cohort were engaging and brought a wealth of experiences and diverse perspectives—being part of that community was intellectually stimulating, and made the many hours of working together an enjoyable experience. From the universally positive experiences I have had at all levels of the program, I know that the University of Maryland Smith School of Business was the right choice.

In your opinion, what makes the MBA/JD program unique?

Many qualities make the program at the University of Maryland unique, and provided an unmatched foundation to a professional career going forward. The MBA/JD program is unique because it provides two sets of knowledge and skills that complement one another. Those foundations enhance the way someone analyzes problems and creates a more holistic way of generating solutions. Such capabilities are especially important in an evolving corporate landscape, and throughout the program our materials often demonstrated how business and legal issues are becoming increasingly intertwined. Some coursework covered management of intellectual property rights in accounting and finance. Other coursework discussed regulatory matters involved in strategic mergers or international expansions. And with the University of Maryland’s proximity to Washington D.C., many discussions were enriched with salient issues occurring around the world. 

MBA/JD Contact

Tia M. Tanksley 
Assistant Director of Admissions, Full-Time MBA 
Smith School of Business 
University of Maryland 
2303 Van Munching Hall 
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