Career Tracks

At Smith, we know that your degree deserves a fine-tuned focus. Each Full-Time MBA student chooses a career-track to leverage Smith’s industry expertise and brainpower. Career tracks give you the opportunity to differentiate your MBA and succeed in your dream career. 

General Management/Consulting

Whether you’re aiming to climb the corporate ladder or become a high-powered consultant, you’ll need to master strategic management concepts and economic principles, and be able to think critically to address a company’s unique challenges.

Popular Electives: Financial Strategy for Corporations, Global Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Valuation in Corporate Finance, Business Consulting, Competitive and Collaborative Negotiation, Implementing Strategy: Organizing to Compete, Project Management in Dynamic Environments


Finance requires an eye for detail, a solid understanding of theory and best practices, and mastery of the latest tools in corporate finance, asset management, risk management, and valuation.

Popular Electives: Applied Equity Analysis, Capital Markets, Corporate Risk Management, Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity, Fixed Income Analysis and Derivative Securities, Portfolio Management, Valuation in Corporate Finance


From traditional brand management and customer segmentation to predictive modeling, consumer analysis, and micro- targeting, the field of marketing unites creativity, business acumen and data analytics.

Popular Electives: Advanced Marketing Analytics Models, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research Methods, Marketing Strategy, Social Media and Internet Marketing

Operations/Supply Chain/Logistics

From Lean to Six Sigma, this track explores the managerial approaches that streamline and improve business processes to increase profit, quality and customer satisfaction while creating value.

Popular Electives: Assessing and Managing Supply Chain Risks, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain Resources Planning, Operations and Supply Chain Strategy