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Employers want to hire critical thinkers—people who can make good decisions and identify the best strategy to solve problems. A Smith MBA builds a strong foundation of analytical skills so you can turn data into insights.

With a Maryland Smith MBA, you’ll identify patterns that matter, separating what’s important from the noise. You’ll gain functional expertise with tools like Solver and Tableau. And you’ll understand issues, solve problems and drive your organization’s success, succeeding in any industry.


Maryland Smith’s Full-time MBA curriculum has been carefully designed to deliver what you need for long-term success.

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Areas of Focus

You can count on Maryland Smith to be in your corner. We want you to succeed. 

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Dual Degrees
Dual Degrees

Combine your MBA studies with graduate coursework in other University of Maryland degree programs to create a unique set of skills and knowledge.

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Maryland Smith’s Full-time MBA curriculum has been carefully designed to deliver what you need for long-term success. We balance rigorous core learning that delves into the theory of business practice with focus areas and career specializations that better prepare you for a specific segment of the job market.

Smith’s MBA Curriculum is Different

While you will leave Smith with a solid education in leadership and all facets of business, what will set you apart in your career will be your ability to make data-informed decisions to create exceptional value for your organization. You’ll learn how to acquire relevant information and ask the right questions about it. And while that data is important, centering decisions around informed human judgment is a skill that must be mastered for the complex situations you’ll inevitably encounter.

This two-credit course puts everything you've learned into practice as you integrate decision-making across all disciplines, and examine the impact of decisions on financial statements and on stakeholders both inside and outside of the firm. There's an emphasis on ethical leadership skills through building awareness of ethical issues, learning tools for analysis of ethical dilemmas and strengthening the capability to act on your values.

This series of co-curricular seminars brings our brightest researchers front and center with our students. Get an insider’s look at cutting-edge research before it hits the academic journals, and engage in discussion with the faculty leading it.

Integrating A.I. througout all facets of business is the next step in gathering an incredible wealth of data for organizational decision-making. But how do you balance that with the ethical dilemmas that are sure to follow? Infused throughout Smith's curriculum, your courses will explore having that power at your fingertips and knowing how to use it responsibly.

Core Curriculum


Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics 
Data-Driven Decision Models
Leadership and Teamwork


Operations Management
Data Analytics
Strategic Management


Strategic and Transformational IT
Managerial Accounting


Global Economic Environments
Integrative Capstone
Leading Strategically

Focus Areas

Maryland Smith’s Focus Areas help you craft a clear career narrative, giving you the choice of specializations that have been carefully designed by our faculty. You may take more than one if you would prefer to specialize the majority of your 24 elective credits.

Banking Specialization Courses

  • Valuation
  • Investments
  • Financial Strategy
  • Financial Stability & Risk Management

Corporate Finance Specialization Courses

  • Valuation
  • Financial Strategy
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Restructuring

Experiential Elective

The Mayer Fund — A highly selective asset management experience in which the student management team is charged with meeting the Fund's long-term performance goal of achieving capital appreciation that outpaces the appreciation of the S&P 500 on a risk-adjusted basis.

Example Careers

Investment Banker, Budget Analyst, Financial Manager

All courses are subject to change.

Brand & Product Management Specialization Courses

  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Forecasting

Customer Analytics Specialization Courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • Consumer Behavior

Experiential Elective

  • Innovation & Product Development

Example Careers

Product Manager, Associate Brand Manager

All courses are subject to change.

Consulting Specialization Courses

  • Negotiations
  • Managing Change
  • Valuation
  • Consulting

Organizational Leadership Specialization Courses

  • Organizational Networks
  • Managing Change
  • Negotiations
  • Global Strategy

Strategy & Economics Specialization Courses

  • International Economics for Managers
  • Global Strategy
  • Managing Change
  • Consulting

Experiential Elective

  • Technology Entrepreneurship OR Innovation & Product Development

Example Careers

Consultant, Senior Consultant, LDP Associate

All courses are subject to change.

Supply Chain Management Specialization Courses

  • Project Management
  • Decision Analytics
  • SCM: Models & Analysis
  • Elective from MS in Supply Chain

Experiential Elective

  • Technology Entrepreneurship OR Innovation & Product Development

All courses are subject to change.

Innovation & Technology Specialization Courses

  • Valuation
  • Managing Change
  • A.I. & Business
  • Market Forecasting

Experiential Elective

  • Technology Entrepreneurship OR Innovation & Product Development

All courses are subject to change.

Dual Degrees

Combine your MBA studies with graduate coursework in other University of Maryland degree programs to create a unique set of skills and knowledge. It's just one more way the Smith MBA can help you distinguish yourself in a competitive marketplace. 

Requirements for dual degrees vary by program. Generally, students take the MBA core courses and then complete the degree requirements for the other graduate program. Separate applications may be required, and some programs may require additional standardized tests prior to admission. Dual MBA degrees with MS in Information Systems, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics or Master of Finance all require GMAT/GRE scores.

View MBA Admissions Requirements

Business Master's

Employers want candidates who know how to analyze big data and think critically to solve business problems. Maryland Smith’s master’s degree programs are designed to give you just that. You’ll develop advanced knowledge of a specialized business area, helping you stand out and make a real impact in the workplace.

MS Admissions Requirements
Juris Doctor

Combining a top JD program and one of the world’s premier MBA programs, students will be exposed to two diverse curricula and faculties. Students will experience life in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, a 40-mile stretch connecting two exceptional cities that share one of the richest concentrations of resources and talent in the nation.

JD Admissions Requirements
Master of Real Estate Development

The combination of real estate development knowledge and business management expertise will offer students the skill and practice to become innovators who will have impactful and unparalleled careers in real estate.

MRED Admissions Requirements
Master of Social Work

In social service agencies, financial and business expertise combined with social work practice, knowledge, and experience is invaluable. The degrees complement each other and provide graduates with a combination of knowledge, experience, and values necessary in business and the human services system.

MSW Admissions Requirements
Master of Public Policy

Learn the art of policy and governance, and gain the analytical skills and practical experience to launch a career solving pressing policy challenges.

MPP Admissions Requirements
Master of Science in Nursing

Manage the business of health care as an administrator in a health care system and for senior management-level decision-making on financial, strategic planning, resource management, and governance issues.

MSN Admissions Requirements
Doctor of Pharmacy

The dual degree is designed to enhance student leadership skills in preparation for management careers in a diverse range of health care positions, and develop entrepreneurial capabilities for careers in independent and corporate pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.

PharmD Admissions Requirements

Our Faculty is Top-Ranked and it Shows

Maryland Smith’s faculty are passionate about creating new knowledge and sharing it with students. They regularly serve as consultants for large financial institutions, multinational corporations and government agencies. And in the classroom, they’ll share those same techniques they use to help corporate clients implement their own data-driven decision making.

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisors are full-time faculty members with specific expertise in helping students coordinate their curriculum choices with their career aspirations. You might even see them at a few social events, too.

John Bono

John Bono

Associate Clinical Professor of Information Systems
Associate Department Chair
Protiti Dastidar

Protiti Dastidar

Associate Clinical Professor and Associate Area Chair
Academic Director, Global Post Graduate Program in Management (IMI - New Delhi)
Judy Frels

Judy Frels

Academic Director of the MS Marketing Analytics
Senior Fellow, Executive Development Programs and Clinical Professor
Mary Beth Furst

Mary Beth Furst

Associate Area Chair, Marketing
Associate Clinical Professor
Leland L. Gardner

Leland L. Gardner

Associate Chair, LBPP
Senior Lecturer
Richmond D. Mathews

Richmond D. Mathews

Associate Professor

Experiential Learning

A Smith Live Case brings executives from partner corporations into the MBA classroom to talk about real issues impacting the organization, and student teams compete to provide innovative solutions. Many core courses will feature a Live Case, giving you the opportunity to network, connect course content to top companies and hone your business acumen.

Smith Live Cases

The Mayer Fund has yielded valuable returns. Members of the management team learn about stock selection, equity analysis, and portfolio management. They meet with Wall Street and local financial professionals. They get jobs with world-class companies. And their work has provided a five percent annual dividend to the Smith School and enhanced its reputation.

Mayer Fund

Case competitions allow you to develop your teamwork and presentation skills, and demonstrate your strategic thinking and analytical skills. Smith MBAs compete all over the country and regularly bring back a win—and sometimes a job offer.

Case Competitions

Smith students in China

Develop Your Global Mindset

Go on, go global. Stretch your learning across continents with programs designed around hands-on experiences. Participate in a global consulting opportunity or faculty-led global experience. You’ll earn academic credit while adding international exposure to your resume.

Check out additional graduate opportunities offered through our Center for Global Business. The Smith School is teeming with different experiences and viewpoints that better prepare each student to work within a diverse environment.

Advisory Council

Advisory Councils keep us actively engaged with industry leaders and experts, who bring their real-world experience to help shape what students learn, match classroom lessons to real-world needs, and widen the pipeline for internship and job opportunities.

Etim E. Edim
Executive Director - CFO Global Technology, Operations, and Firm Resilience
Morgan Stanley

Edward Edson
Senior Director, Omnichannel Marketing
The Hershey Company

Sarah Evangelista
Head of HR, Robotics & Digital R&D
Johnson & Johnson

Aaron Garnett
VP Global Enterprise Analytics
Discovery, Inc.

Jessica Joffe
Vice President of Marketing
Cabinetworks Group

J.D. Lineen
Senior Director, Digital Engagement
Bristol Myers Squibb

Damien Power
Senior Manager

Hart Rossman
Director, Security & Infrastructure

Simi Sethi
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

Dan Smelcer
Capital One

Tamil Sriram

Peter Tropper
Managing Member
Peter Tropper LLC

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