Coursework that's working for you

Coursework that works for you

Smith’s newly redesigned MBA curriculum helps you develop sophisticated analytical skills and an “integrative” systems understanding of the way business functions like marketing, finance and operations interact. You’ll master data-driven decision making and be ready to assess complex problems and deliver innovative solutions in any field.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Real business problems are complex, ambiguous and occur in an environment that is always shifting and changing. In Smith's MBA program, you'll learn how and when to use the most cutting-edge analytical tools. Then you'll use those tools to successfully assess and analyze a problem, come to a conclusion, present your findings, set a strategy and lead its implementation.

Our faculty is comprised of the best analytical minds in the country and the MBA curriculum optimizes their specialties and connections. The MBA Core builds your functional knowledge, and Career Tracks deliver the right mix of electives to build deep expertise in your chosen profession. Add in executive coaching through the Leading Fearlessly program and real-world experiences that complement your Career Track, and you’ve built an MBA program that is the perfect launching pad for your career.

Required Course Schedule

Smith’s curriculum has been carefully mapped to deliver what you need for long-term success. In the first year, your coursework will focus on functional-area knowledge and building the skills you’ll need to succeed and thrive in your summer internship. In the second year, you’ll work on the executive competencies you’ll need to progress through your career. The capstone project at the end of the program integrates everything you’ve learned.

Fall 1st Year

Spring 1st Year

Fall 2nd Year

Spring 2nd Year

Financial Accounting (2)

Marketing  (2)

Managerial Economics (2)

Finance (3)

Data-Driven Decision Making (3)

Leadership & Teamwork (2)

Operations Management (2)

Strategic Management (2)

Data Analytics (2)

Strategic & Transformational IT (2)

Managerial Accounting (2)

Global Economic Environment (2)

Leading Strategically (2)

Integrative Capstone (2)

core coursesYou want an MBA because you are driven to take your career to the next level. Our core curriculum is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Office of Career Services’ interactive offerings. The rigorous, data-driven core curriculum combined with thorough career development prepares you for a dynamic future.

Career Tracks

At Smith, we know that your degree deserves a fine-tuned focus. Each Full-Time MBA student chooses a career-track to leverage Smith’s industry expertise and brainpower. Career tracks give you the opportunity to differentiate your MBA and succeed in your dream career.


Whether you’re aiming to climb the corporate ladder or become a high-powered consultant, you’ll need to master strategic management concepts and economic principles, and be able to think critically to address a company’s unique challenges.

Faculty Advisor: Nicole Coomber


Finance requires an eye for detail, a solid understanding of theory and best practices, and mastery of the latest tools in corporate finance, asset management, risk management, and valuation.

Faculty Advisor: Sarah Kroncke


From traditional brand management and customer segmentation to predictive modeling, consumer analysis, and micro- targeting, the field of marketing unites creativity, business acumen and data analytics.

Faculty Advisor: David Godes


From Lean to Six Sigma, this track explores the managerial approaches that streamline and improve business processes to increase profit, quality and customer satisfaction while creating value.

Consulting & General Management


Spring 1
Valuation (2)
Brand Management (2)
Organizational Networks (2)
Consulting I (2)


Fall 2
Negotiations (2)
Managing Change (2)
Games of Strategy & Incentives (4)
Choose one: Consulting II (2), Managing Others (2) or Tech Entrepreneurship (2)


Spring 2
Global Strategy (2)


+4 credits for electives

Spring 1
Valuation (2)
Derivatives (2)
Financial Strategy (2)
Applied Equity Analysis (2)


Fall 2
Financial Restructuring (2)
Bank Management (2)
Mayer Fund (3, Recommended)


+12 credits for electives


Operations & Supply Chain

Spring 1
Consumer Behavior (2)
Marketing Research (2)
Brand Management (2)
Market Forecasting (2)


Fall 2
Digital Marketing (2)
Advanced Marketing Analytics (2)
Innovation & Product Development (2)


+10 credits for electives

Spring 1
Global Trade Logistics (2)
Logistics Management (2)
SCM Models & Analysis (2)
Decision Analytics (2)


Fall 2
Process Improvement (2)
Revenue Management (2)
Supply Chain Experience (2)


+10 credits for electives


Fall 2

  • Negotiations (2)
  • Managing Change (2)
  • Games of Strategy & Incentives (4)
  • Managing Others (2)
  • Tech Entrepreneurship (2)
  • Mayer Fund (3)

Winter 2

  • Global Business Experience (4)

Spring 2

  • Consulting I (2)
  • Valuation (2)
  • Derivatives (2)
  • Consumer Behavior (2)
  • Marketing Research (2)
  • Project Management (2)
  • Global Trade Logistics (2)
  • International Economics for Managers (2)
  • Global Strategy (2)
  • Organizational Networks
  • Financial Strategy (2)
  • Applied Equity Analysis (2)
  • Market Forecasting (2)
  • Brand Management (2)
  • Decision Analytics (2)
  • SCM Models & Analysis (2)