Your Cohort Experience

Ask any Smith EMBA alumnus what they value most from the program and they’ll mention the faculty, the coursework and the executive coaching. But undoubtedly the most important aspect of the EMBA experience is “the cohort.”

In the Smith EMBA program, you’ll join a cohort of 30-40 executives on a journey of knowledge acquisition and personal growth. The 17-month program begins and ends with one-week residencies at the University of Maryland in College Park at a conference center near or on-campus. Classes meet on alternating Fridays and Saturdays with an overnight stay, included in the tuition, at a conference center near or on-campus.

The bonds you create with your classmates in the classroom, during team sessions, on Friday evenings, and at study groups will be a key part of what you take away. After you graduate, you will rely on your classmates—as well as faculty—for help in applying these concepts in your new world. The cohort experience creates a rich environment for learning—and for life. 

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