Work-Life Balance

Are you a juggler? Most of us are. And when you take on an EMBA program, the number of balls in your airspace goes up. Significantly. In addition to home and family commitments, you’ll now have commitments to yourself, to your faculty, and to your teammates. And if you’re the type of person who would take on an EMBA, you’re the type of person who can’t bear to see a ball hit the floor.

Many executives much like you have you have done it successfully be they—single, married, with newborns, with children of their own in college, or empty nesters. Most of them tell us after it’s over that they never knew they could be so productive. Many say they had to put something aside or on-hold—a hobby, a club, a volunteer commitment. But they all tell us one thing consistently—that learning to juggle, learning to handle those extra balls in the mix, was well worth the effort.

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