Transformative Change

What sort of outcomes or change do we see in the executives that join us? We think one word describes it: transformative. Transformative in their core knowledge of business, in the way they approach problems and in the way they persuade others to join them in solving their organization’s or the world’s problems.

We think of this change in two ways—leadership and wisdom—and every element of the Smith EMBA is designed to deliver on these outcomes.

We define wisdom as the integrated understanding of the actions necessary to produce sustained organization performance.

We define leadership skills as the capacity to mobilize people in the execution of collective actions that will produce sustained performance.

Key portions of the program that will help make you wiser are the foundations coursework on business disciplines and corporate strategy, the exposure to the systems thinking approach, and mastery sessions on integrated learning.

Key program elements that build your leadership skills are the coaching, mastery sessions on innovation, entrepreneurship, communication skills, teamwork, and the Executive Assessment Process.

Together, wisdom and leadership are more than the sum of their parts. Together, they are transformative—for you, in you, and for the benefit of your organization and the world in which we live.

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