Tuition and Financial Aid

Executive MBA tuition for January 2021 is $129,900. Tuition includes a $2,000 nonrefundable deposit. Tuition is all-inclusive and covers all courses, books and required materials, student and administrative fees, parking, accommodations, and breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. There is no differentiation between in-state and out-of-state tuition. Executive MBA scholarships are available.

Tuition Schedule and Payment

Executive MBA tuition is charged in five installments. The $2,000 nonrefundable deposit is deducted from the first tuition bill of the program.

Financial Aid

Approximately one-third of our EMBA students receive full or partial tuition assistance from their employers. Others are either self-funded or seek scholarships or financial aid assistance.

Financial aid assistance is available through the University of Maryland's Office of Financial Aid. EMBA students are eligible to borrow up to $20,500 in Federal Direct Loans each academic year. Grad Plus Loan programs are also available to assist in financing any remaining educational expenses. The amount you may borrow is up to the cost of education minus other aid.

Scholarship—Merit-Based Awards

The Smith School of Business awards scholarships based on merit, evidence of leadership, and work experience. All applicants to the EMBA whose applications are complete by July 16 receive priority consideration.

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