Making the Ask

Approaching your supervisor to discuss your Smith EMBA can be a sensitive subject. We’re here to help make it as productive as possible with these helpful talking points.

  • Our program is taught by top-ranked faculty whose teaching brings relevant and timely business research into the classroom 
  • Our curriculum is provides a cross-functional and integrated grounding in the fundamental business processes: accounting (financial & managerial), financial management, data modeling, marketing, strategy, operations, leadership and human capital, economics (managerial and global), strategic information systems and ethics
  • We incorporate competency based mini sessions into the curriculum, which include topics such as innovation, conflict resolution, managing diverse teams, and cross-functional case analyses
  • Your company may be selected via a competitive process for an action learning consulting project on business process improvements
  • Smith provides a robust, assessment-based executive coaching process during which the student completes personal assessments as well as procuring anonymous 360 feedback from professional peers and managers. Students work with a certified executive coach to address derailers, improve leadership skills and enhance executive presence.
  • The program sustains a problem-solving environment whereby students can bring immediate business problems to the classroom and receive applicable solutions from both their faculty and fellow classmates (who average 15 years of work experience and 8 years of management experience)

We also urge you to direct your supervisor to this inspiring Ted Talk by Susan Colantuno: “The Best Career Advice You Never Got.” The Smith EMBA is the only program in the region that takes a holistic look at all three criteria for executive positions: personal actions, team functions and business/strategic/financial acumen.

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