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EMBA Recruiting
The Robert H. Smith School of Business 
2417 Van Munching Hall 
University of Maryland 
College Park, Maryland 20742-1815
E-mail: sbrooksh@rhsmith.umd.edu
Phone: 240-464-8597
Fax: 301-314-9862
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. [Monday-Friday]
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Shelbi BrookshireShelbi N. Brookshire, MBA
Senior Director, EMBA Recruiting & Alumni Engagement
Office of Executive Programs
E-mail: sbrooksh@rhsmith.umd.edu 
Phone: 240-464-8597
Fax: 301-314-7801 

Shelbi Brookshire first realized her passion for working with students back in 1999 while she was helping friends and colleagues in their research and application process to business school. She decided to make a change from the legal field and joined the Samuel C. Johnson School of Business at Cornell University in 2000, where she worked directly with the assistant dean. Shelbi gained a multifaceted understanding of both the student's needs and the school's mission as she worked on everything from orientation to benchmarking other programs.

In 2002, she joined the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business where she focused on recruiting students for the full-time and part-time MBA programs. After several years of international and domestic travel representing Smith around the globe, Shelbi moved into a logistical management role where she focused on implementing standard processes to ensure seamless customer service for clients in Smith's executive programs. Today, Shelbi provides a customized consultative admissions experience for Executive MBA candidates. She conducts information sessions, offers one-on-one discussions to review a candidate's personal goals and fit with Smith's EMBA, and performs resume reviews and individual interview preparation sessions.

With over 16+ years working with EMBA/MBA students, Shelbi has the experience, expertise and passion for what the EMBA can do to be a valuable resource as you research the best program for your needs. 

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