Multi-Source Feedback

EMBA Study GroupSeeing ourselves as others see us is the age-old prescription for increased self-awareness and personal improvement. It’s also a very good way to develop your executive leadership skills.

In the Smith EMBA program, we take this concept to the highest level with a 360-degree, multi-source assessment of your job performance and leadership skills. Unlike the traditional downward feedback, in which only managers or supervisors assess job performance, multi-source performance feedback provides a comprehensive look at your interaction with multiple people at various levels of your organization. These are the people in the best position to observe your behavior on the job—your co-workers, managers, customers, direct reports, and finally, you. Using this multi-source approach, you’ll get a crucial picture of yourself and your actions, and a rare opportunity – to see yourself as others see you. Working with your coach, you’ll learn to leverage your leadership strengths and identify areas for improvement.