Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

EMBA Student PresentationResearchers and scholars have long recognized that we can learn to be leaders by developing a set of skills and executive competencies that enable leaders to lead. Recognizing this, the Smith EMBA program devotes significant time and resources to mastery and leadership development. The Smith Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Program gives Smith EMBA students the relevant, real-world management and interpersonal skills required to succeed at the executive level.

The leadership development program is customized for you, synthesizing a wealth of data from three key program activities:

During your first week in the program, you’ll be introduced to executive assessment activities. Here’s where a baseline of strengths and developmental opportunities is established for you from insight gained from a rich assortment of assessments. This data is used to help pair you with an executive coach – a coach who will work closely with you throughout the program to refine your skills and leadership style to help you become the executive leader you dream of being.

Early on, you and your coach will develop your own leadership development plan, a customized road map with actionable steps and measurable benchmarks to help you continuously evolve and grow. This plan is further informed by assessments throughout the program as well as 360-degree feedback from your co-workers, managers and direct reports. The assessments, the multisource feedback, your coach and your plan are the key elements that drive your growth as a leader.

That is one reason we say the Smith EMBA program is ongoing, holistic, unique, relevant and results-driven.

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