Executive Coaching


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The Smith EMBA program provides one-on-one executive coaching as an essential part of its teaching mission. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of MBA programs to provide ongoing executive coaching to its students directly within its program, and for good reason. Your Smith executive coach represents a critical relationship in your executive development, one that’s properly outside the boundary and constraints of the traditional teacher-student relationship. Confidant, mentor, motivator, and advisor, your executive coach’s mission is to help you grow as a leader. With your coach’s help, you can acquire and grow in the competencies important for you to lead at the next level.

Accordingly, your coach monitors your activity throughout the program, checking in with you to learn how you’re progressing and where you may need help. For example, suppose your assessments reveal you have a problem delegating authority. Your coach may work with you to identify an opportunity for you to practice delegating during one of the many team activities you will encounter in courses and/or in one of the Action Learning Projects. Throughout the program, your coach will help you by recognizing opportunities for growth and showing you how to get there.

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