The Executive Assessment Process


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As its name implies, the Executive Assessment Process is all about discovering and understanding the level of your executive skills and competencies as you enter the Smith EMBA program. The Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Program is driven by results. The Executive Assessment Process focuses on robust and established assessments to discover a baseline for measuring your progress as a leader during the program.

Conducted during early on in the program, the Executive Assessment Process involves a process where you take a variety of assessments to help identify capacities, such as your personality type, your listening tendencies, your assertiveness in a group, and your critical thinking skills. You’ll be asked to assume various leadership roles to help determine how you would handle certain situations, all with the intention of helping your executive coach begin to understand how you communicate, motivate, and direct others. During these exercises, skilled reviewers will evaluate and reflect on your behavior across a spectrum of executive competencies, and so that the coaching you receive is fact based and relevant to actual behavior in a group.

The objective of these assessments is to create your customized Leadership Development Plan with actionable steps and measurable benchmarks to help you continuously evolve as a leader.

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