Executive Education

Quick Facts & Rankings

At a glance: Who we are, what we do, how we rank

The Smith School

  • One of world's premier business schools.
  • Recognized leader in management education and research.
  • Rich mix of innovative programs.
  • Serving students, employers, alumni, business, government, nonprofits.

Where we are

  • Campuses: College Park, Baltimore and Rockville, Md.; Washington, D.C., Beijing, China.
  • At global center of government, corporate and international power.

What distinguishes us

  • World-class faculty and research.
  • Experiential, reality-based learning.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Learning community that is determined, supportive, analytical, inspired.

How we rank for executive programs

Financial Times (2015):
#7 Executive MBA Program (U.S.)
#39 Executive MBA Program (World)

The Economist (2015):
#15 Executive MBA Program (U.S.)
#24 EMBA (World)
#4 Faculty
#10 Quality of Students
#16 Program Quality
#17 Personal Development

Businessweek (2013):
#17 Executive MBA Program (World)

CEOWORLD Magazine (2011):
#21, Top Business School for Executives and Entrepreneurs (U.S.)

Faculty & Research

Financial Times (2015):
#26 in Research (World)

CEOWORLD Magazine (2014):
#4 "Academic excellence and business research" (World)

Businessweek (2014):
#6 Intellectual Capital (U.S.)

UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings (2014):
#6 in Research (World)

Executive Education programs are facilitated by the Robert H. Smith School of Business Foundation, Inc.