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Leverage our expertise in this area—talk to us about online or blended learning for your organization. We work across time zones and continents to keep your learners involved and engaged between classroom sessions and in courses designed to be delivered online.

Asynchronous learning: Our award-winning instructional designers use the ADDIE model to inform their work. We can offer highly-produced, interactive, self-paced modules and a range of multimedia learning resources through our learning management system (LMS).

Professor Kathryn Bartol discusses five habits of the emotionally intelligent.

Kathryn Bartol

Professor Mike Faulkender explains how to evaluate assessment opportunities.

Mike Faulkender 

Rob Galford, teaches Trust Building. Here is he sharing important takeaways from his book Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors That Undermine Your Workplace.

Rob Galford

Live Learning

Our faculty set up virtual workspaces and call on participants to contribute verbally, via whiteboard, through polls and with text messages. All our online teachers have technical help on hand, and your learners will be briefed and supported to ensure they have a complete and compelling online learning experience.

Small group work takes place in remote breakout rooms or in group calls enabled by software applications. Information is shared on social media sites and on private list serves and blogs.

Smith's executive coaches are happy to coach online or by phone.

Many of our partners see a value in bringing distributed groups together at least once in the course of a cohort experience, in order to help a lasting network form. Smith can design an excellent blended learning experience and will deliver the live, classroom elements anywhere in the world that works for you.

Contact the Office of Executive Programs at execed@rhsmith.umd.edu or 301-405-5266 to talk about your organization's development needs.

Executive Education programs are facilitated by the Robert H. Smith School of Business Foundation, Inc.