Executive Education

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The Office of Executive Programs at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business has many long-established relationships with top-quality partners for executive education and we know what it takes to provide learning and development that really has impact. This is what we need from you before, during and after your program, in order to deliver the results and ROI you want to see.


  • List clear learning outcomes—what do you want to achieve with this program?
  • Offer a detailed orientation including access to senior executives and organizational financials and data, so our faculty can customize their content to resonate with your people, and advance your organizational aims.
  • Establish an agreed process for communicating with those selected to participate in the program, so they feel honored and excited, and are clear about your expectations of them during the learning experience.
  • Identify internal champions or mentors who can make sure the managers of those attending are briefed about the importance of the program to the organization. Smith can provide tips on how to support employees before, during, in between, and after their program, in order to ensure that they, and the organization, get the most from the experience.
  • Supply a participant roster at least one month before the program so we can provide access to our  Learning Management System (LMS) and get participants started with assessments and pre-work .


  • Ensure access for participants to necessary executives and data to enable robust, practical and innovative recommendations from action learning projects.
  • Encourage involvement of your executives and T&D team in classroom sessions and experiential exercises. We believe your people will learn a great deal from informal access to your top team, and we encourage you to lead by example by becoming immersed in the learning yourselves.
  • Provide feedback to Smith on tweaks you would like to make to the program, to allow continuous and timely performance improvement.
  • Schedule continued briefings of managers of participants to make sure participants are encouraged  to engage fully with coaching, mentoring and action learning projects.


  • Provide an opportunity for ongoing coaching and/or mentoring for alumni.
  • Administer a post program 360 to allow participants and the organization to gauge development.
  • Conduct follow-up interviews or evaluations with participants and their managers to collect qualitative accounts of performance improvement and results driven by your program.
  • Communicate clearly with Smith about  strengths, gaps and future needs.
  • Track  promotion, awards  and other recognition for program alumni.
  • Consider a monthly newsletter with leadership insights  and resources and support alumni interaction.

Executive Education programs are facilitated by the Robert H. Smith School of Business Foundation, Inc.