Executive Education

Cybersecurity Leadership Capstone

Course Dates: 6/11/13 - 6/29/13 [see full schedule]

FacultySandor Boyson and Min Wu

Take part in team-based transformational projects to practice new methodologies for diagnosing and solving real world cyber supply chain assurance problems. You will analyze digital information, hardware and software chains and integrated systems, providing your own solutions, and presenting them to supply chain owners. By the end of the capstone you will be confident about scoping projects, implementing a work plan, and inspiring high performance in an effective workplace culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Detail the significance of Cyber Supply Chain Assurance in today’s business operations.
  • Outline Cyber Supply Chain Assurance practices, including analyzing threats, defining reasonable assurance objectives, identifying potential solutions, and assessing the technical, business, and social cost-benefits of candidate solutions.
  • Gain heightened exposure to the complexity of assurance issues and decisions related to cyber supply chain management to critical client groups and emerging markets.

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