Executive Education

Systems Thinking

Course Dates: 2/26/13 - 3/16/13 [see full schedule]

FacultyJoseph Bailey

Leaders are the architects and evangelists of systems and so this course will allow you to work on your ability to inspire and direct the actions of others, as you practice a new methodology for holistic problem-solving. This course uses three in-depth cases and invites students to design and then improve cyber supply chains using the systems approach. Systems thinking will enable you to anticipate the direct and indirect consequences of actions.

We will examine systems that may appear to be serial in nature but have some feedback loops. Positive feedback loops will allow us to better manage complex systems by reducing the time to convergence and preventing systems that are chronically “out of control.” This course requires students to complete two exams.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize when a systems approach would be the appropriate course of action instead of a traditional or linear approach.
  • Use the systems thinking process to address a problem or opportunity in developing a solution.
  • Develop a model that best approximates the systems solution in order to understand the direct and indirect effects of a solution.
  • Communicate the systems solution effectively to a diverse audience including those not familiar with the systems approach.
  • Develop a strategic plan consistent with the systems approach that will minimize exposure to risk and allow for risk mitigation and contingency planning.
  • Understand the systems approach in the context of a Cybersecurity in planning and building secure networks.

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