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Today’s business world is one that is rapidly reinventing itself. Unexpected market forces and resulting organizational changes are the catalysts for new and emerging business models, methods, and unprecedented worldwide connectivity. A specialty master's degree from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business can help you become better prepared for this new business landscape by equipping you to pursue your ideal career or to advance in your current field.

Specialty Master's Career Resources

Our curriculum and program calendar have been strategically designed to help you build your MS career portfolio as efficiently as possible and to offer opportunities to for you practice storytelling, networking and interviewing techniques that are critical to the competitive MS job search. Smith's Office of Career Services (OCS) will take you through a phased approach to creating your career content, then complement that work with next-level learning and capstone interactive experiences. The Smith School offers eight specialty master's degrees: accounting, business analytics, business and management, finance, information systems, marketing analytics, quantitative finance, and supply chain management.

The Coaching Partnership

Your career coach is dedicated to meeting you where you are in your career journey and facilitating your way forward through our co-active approach to specialty master's career development. The coaching relationship is confidential and tailored to your specific needs in order to aid you in reaching your highest potential. 

The Coaching Team

The specialty master's career coaching team brings relevant industry and subject-matter expertise in their advisory role to you. The coaches are as follows:

Virtual meeting options like telephone and Smoogle (Smith Google) Hangout are also available.

Coaching and Appointments

The specialty master's coaching team strives to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate our students' busy schedules and career development needs. Virtual meeting options like WebEx, Skype, telephone and Smoogle (Smith Google) hangout are also available.     

To schedule an appointment with a career coach, simply visit HireSmith to create your initial student profile and upload your resume. You will then have 24/7 access to all Specialty Master's coach schedules and can schedule an available date and time that's convenient for you. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact your campus career coach or

Career Conversion Topics

Career coaching is not just for those seeking new jobs. Your coaches are here to assist you with all your career development needs, whatever they may be. Topics can include:
  • Exploring your career direction
  • Reviewing your career progression and proactive career advancement plan
  • Understanding and communicating your value proposition and personal brand
  • Developing your strategic networking plan
  • Creating an impactful resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
  • Mapping your job search strategy
  • Practicing your interviewing skills
  • And more!
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