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Community Wealth Building

A Smith MBA education is a powerful tool for advancing economic prosperity and transformative social change before our MBAs even leave Smith. This Spring, first and second year MBA students can apply for three exciting Consulting practicums hosted by CSVC. Hone your consulting, leadership and social value creation skill sets in hands-on “living case” environments. The application period for each of these programs is only open until October 31st so apply ASAP!

Smith Experience Social Venture Consulting Practicum

Application Deadline: October 31st
Credits: 2
Apply by completing the SVC Spring 2015 Application AND submitting a resume to Pammi Bhullar, Program Manager for Experiential Learning at pbhullar@rhsmith.umd.edu

Description:  The Social Venture Consulting Practicum partners MBA student teams with either i) social enterprises , ii) 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, or iii) government agencies for semester-long consulting engagements. Every consulting project has a social impact component. Here are our four projects for this Spring:

  1. Conscious Venture Lab: (CVL) is an early stage business accelerator with the goal of developing companies and leaders who embrace capitalism as a force for good in society. CVL would like a student team develop a strategic plan to determine the most effective way to replicate CVL in other jurisdictions. 
  2. Mayorga Organics: Mayorga Organics’ mission is to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America through responsible trade of organic foods. Mayorga Organics would like students to develop a marketing plan which focuses on rebranding their company. 
  3. Shifting Patterns Consulting: A small-sized consulting company which works alongside social enterprises to mobilize resources for addressing today's most pressing challenges. SPC is seeking a student team to help them make a stronger case for why social enterprises should invest in building their internal support systems and help them to sell their organizational development services more effectively.
  4. Environmental Finance Center: This University of Maryland center improves the capacity of communities to finance environmental restoration and protection. the EFC will be working to establish a $1Billion Fund for the Chesapeake Bay and would like a student team to create a fund development prospectus for this Chesapeake Bay Fund.

Learn more and apply here


Smith Experience Community Wealth Building Practicum

Application Deadline: October 31st
Credits: 4
Apply by sending a resume and a statement of interest in the course to Sara Herald, Assistant Director of the Center for Social Value Creation, at sherald@rhsmith.umd.edu. Sara will conduct brief interviews to understand each candidate’s skill set and interest in the practicum.

Description: Baltimore’s most marginalized neighborhoods are also home to some of the city’s most powerful nonprofit institutions, which currently spend billions of dollars a year on goods and services.  Could we help nurture worker-owned cooperatives that could meet West Baltimore’s anchors’ procurement needs and create quality, empowering jobs for unemployed city residents?  

Last semester, teams of MBA and Master of Social Work students worked together to analyze the potential of several worker-owned coperative business ideas that had been suggested by members of the West Baltimore community. During the Spring semester, teams of masters students from business, law, and social work will work hand in hand with a designated community partner to move forward with launching one of those businesses.  

Learn more and apply here.


Global Consulting Practicum:
Cross Border Greywater Feasibility Project in Israel, Palestine & Jordan

Appliation Deadline: October 31st
Credits: 2
Apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to OGI at ogi@rhsmith.umd.edu with GLOBAL CONSULTING PRACTICUM in the subject line. The application, resume, and cover letter will be used to evaluate each student's background and career interests in order to determine which potential consultants are the best fit for the Global Consulting Practicum.

Description: Students will work on a 6-person multi-disciplinary collaborative consulting project for the Arava Environmental Institute (AIES), a premier environmental studies and research program in the Middle East. The final project will explore mechanisms to improve Arava’s business model so as to move the project away from one of charity to one of sustainability. Students will be expected to look at factors such as connection or usage fees for the recycled greywater that would lower the costs associated with potable drinking water.

Learn more and apply here

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