Technology Commercialization Course I – Opportunity Identification

BUMO 778A – 3 Credits


Course Description

The Technology Commercialization Course is designed to help students to identify, evaluate, and develop commercialization plans for specific technologies developed at the University of Maryland.

The course focuses on four themes:

1. The source, discovery, and evaluation of technological opportunities
2. The process of organizing innovation to produce new technology that satisfies the needs of customers
3. The different mechanisms available to appropriate the returns from the exploitation of technological opportunities
4. The evaluation of whether opportunities are appropriate for independent entrepreneurs or large firms

Students in this course will build commercialization plans for University of Maryland Technologies protected by the Office of Technology Commercialization, or alternatively, projects approved by the instructor and the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. Students will work closely with the course instructor along with the Dingman Center Managing Director, Entrepreneurs in Residence, board of advisors and other appropriate contacts in the Dingman Center network to validate the technology opportunity, identify the need and the compelling product/service offer, validate the market need and size, identify and analyze valid potential partners, licensors or business models, and finally she/he will propose a commercialization strategy to skeptic investors and partners. Successful students may also elect to pursue additional funding through the Dingman Center to support further commercialization efforts.