CIBER Global Business Project Consulting Course

BUSI 768 – 3 Credits


Course Description

The Global Business Project (GBP) Consulting course was designed and developed by a consortium of Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs), led by the CIBER at UNC-Chapel Hill. There are two primary goals of the course:

1) MBAs (and graduate students in related disciplines) increase their global business and language/cultural competency through guided hands-on business experience in global markets
2) Companies assisted by the students receive valuable assistance in expanding/increasing their global positions

Students enrolled in GBP will include MBAs or graduate students at one of the other GBP consortium-member institutions, which include: Columbia University, Duke University, George Washington University, Purdue University, San Diego State University, Temple University, University of Connecticut, University of Miami, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, University of Wisconsin, Madison, or a partner institution in the destination countries: Burapha University (Thailand); University (China); and UNISINOS (Brazil).

The consulting engagements may cover a broad spectrum of issues in both the traditional functional areas such as finance, marketing, strategy and human resource management, logistics and transportation, and information technology, as well as cross-functional projects investigating, for example, the impact of leading edge information technology on business processes and client relationships in electronic commerce and supply chain management.