Student Fellows

PhD Student Fellows

Vidit Mehta

Vidit Mehta is a first-year PhD student in Information Systems at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. His research interests include Information Economics, Healthcare Analytic, and Artificial Intelligence. I completed my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and Master's in Business Administration from IIT, Kanpur. His current work looks at reputation mechanisms for doctors using online Word of Mouth on a doctor appointment platform.

Weiguang Wang

Weiguang Wang is a second-year PhD student in information systems at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He holds a BS and MS in Management Science. His research is focused on health care quality, transparency of health care, patients and physicians behavior in the healthcare context. His current research examines patients' adherence to medication in clinical trials, physicians' decisions for reporting quality data, physician online reviews.

Master's and MBA Fellows

Taiming Cao

Taiming Cao is a first-year graduate student of Business Analytics at the Smith School of Business. He helps CHIDS with data processing including cleaning, visualizing and handling huge text datasets to apply machine learning models and NLP methods for research purposes. He is currently building models to analyze doctor-patient relationship using online reviews. Prior to his master's, he earned his bachelor's degree in accounting and worked as an accountant in New York.

Disha Goel

Disha Goel is a Master's in Information Systems student at the Smith School of Business (class of 2018). Before Smith, Disha was working with Business intelligence and Market analyst with a startup in India for 2 years. As a student fellow at the Center for Health, Information and Decision systems, Disha is currently working with VHEDA Patient trial with major focus Severity Index by using claims data and its relation to in Healthcare IT and predicting successful program for patients.

Natasha Hurwitz

Natasha Hurwitz is a Master's of Information Management (MIM) student at the College of Information Studies. She will research data analysis in telehealth at CHIDS with the goal of creating precision medicine approaches to health care. She currently works in the Office of the Director at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as the data analysis lead on the management side of the Optimize NIH project. Her poster, Data Analysis of a Digital Health Disease Management Program, won first place (Master's category) at Public Health Research @ Maryland 2018. Her work with the CHIDS team explores using machine learning techniques to predict patient success in a telehealth program with the goal of matching patients to interventions that provide the maximum individual benefit and reduce health care costs.

Vigneshwaran Ilango

Vigneshwaran Ilango is an MBA student at the Robert H Smith of School of Business (Class of 2019). Originally from India, he got his undergraduate degree in production engineering. His passion to work with data and analytics led him to take up business intelligence as a career right after his undergraduate degree. As a graduate assistant for CHIDS, Vignesh researched about the application of AI in the health industry.

Shambhavi Kumar

Shambhavi Kumar is a recent MS in Information Systems graduate from the Smith school. Her primary interests lie in leveraging data science, particularly Big Data and Machine Learning, to solve critical business challenges. Her skills in evidence-based management led to her current role as a Data Analyst within the Corporate Measurement team at a large global development organization in Washington, D.C. At CHIDS, Shambhavi's current project involves exploring telemedicine solutions for chronic disease management. In her free time, you can find Shambhavi eating boatloads of Toblerone and making extensive home decor plans.

Jiaming Li

Jiaming Li is a first year MS student majoring in Business Analytics at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. With a biomedical engineering undergraduate background, he is very familiar with biotech and pharmaceutical data. He is passionate about combining his knowledge in health and analytical field to solve real-world problems. Jiaming is currently working on the genomic analytics project at CHIDS.

Ramya Mure

Ramya Mure is a first-year graduate student in the Information Systems program at the Smith School of Business. A data analytics enthusiast, Ramya has always been passionate about engaging in health-based analytics in ways that would contribute to the healthcare industry. Prior to her master's, she worked for two years as a Technology Consultant for a large firm in India. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from VIT University. Ramya hopes to contribute to health care through her work in CHIDS.

Labdhi Seth

Labdhi Seth is a second year MBA student at Smith School of Business, focusing on Consulting and General Management in the Life Sciences. She has a BS in Biotechnology and Microbiology and has over 6 years of experience in the healthcare field. As a Graduate Assistant with CHIDS, Labdhi is looking to continue contributions to the field of Healthcare.

Nat Tangpipith

Nat Tangpipith is a first-year MBA candidate at the Smith School of Business. Prior to Smith, she was a structural engineer for STV Inc., specializing in bridge rehabilitation and design. As a graduate assistant with CHIDs, Nat focuses on operation aspect of mHealth and study operational improvement across the health spectrum.

Sai Nihal Tummala

Sai Nihal Tummala is an Information Systems graduate student at Smith School of Business. He is passionate about data science and problems related to big data and machine learning intrigue him. Prior to his master's, he worked for Barclays, UK as a Data Analyst in the risk retail banking segment. He takes pride in being a self-starter and always pushes his peers and himself to innovate. He is adept at SAS, R, MATLAB and other statistical and analytical tools. Currently, he is working with CHIDS and reinventing himself in the healthcare domain.

Jie Wei

Jie Wei is a 1st year Master of Science in Business Analytics candidate at the Smith School of Business. Her background includes both analytical fundamentals as well as management practices. Prior to Smith, she gained experience in a variety of data analysis related projects. She is highly passionate about data analytics and using analytics to figure out subtle decisions that go into making a huge impact. She hopes to learn more about healthcare data at CHIDS.

Mrinal Zutshi

Mrinal Zutshi is currently enrolled in the Master's program in information systems at the Smith School Of Business. He has worked on statistical models and algorithms for analyzing data using programming languages such as python and R. Also, using powerful excel tools like Stat tools, Tableau and precision tree to solve different business problems and deriving stories from datasets along with his work experience in BI has inculcated an interest in the field of data analytics. Previously he was a Senior SAP Business Intelligence consultant at Infosys Ltd with around 4 years of experience in requirements gathering, analysis, design, testing, development, implementation and maintenance activities of Business Intelligence solutions using SAP HANA Studio, SAP Business Objects 4.0, Business Object IDT, SAP Design Studio 1.4, SAP BW 7.4.

Undergraduate Student Fellows

Miranda Myers

Miranda Myers is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the Smith School of Business pursuing dual degrees in Finance and Operations Management & Business Analytics. Miranda has interned with The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and Cooper University Hospital System, and she serves on the University Health Center's Student Health Advisory Committee. As an undergraduate assistant with the Center for Health, Information, and Decision Systems, her research has focused on MRSA Transmission and ICU Readmission. In Miranda's spare time, she enjoys going to the beach and running.

Anne Zappas

Anne Zappas is a first-year Operations Management and Business Analytics major and a member of the Honors College, Gemstone Program. As an interdisciplinary thinker, she is interested in the intersection of healthcare, business and technology. Her research is focused on determining the efficacy of different behavioral change techniques in the context of mobile health interventions.

Shannon Zhang

Shannon Zhang is an undergraduate student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. She is currently pursuing a double major in Information Systems and Finance. Her work with CHIDS mainly focuses on mHealth and the behavioral techniques used in related interventions. Her interests also include data analytics as well as financial policy and operations within the healthcare space.