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Top 21 Ways You Know You’re a Student at UMD-Smith

Aug 05, 2013


1)     You can practice your 5-minute elevator pitch in a single elevator ride in Van Munching Hall.

 Elevator ride

2)     Rudy's Café closing at 2 p.m. on Friday is the worst part of your weekend.


3)     You have more group projects due in one semester of b-school than multiple choice exams in all of college.

 Group projects

4)     You laugh at your non-Smith friends who have classes on Fridays.

 Classes on Fridays

5)     You try to sound humble when you tell your friends you’re graduating from one of the best b-schools in the world.


6)     You pretend to be interested in an internship so you can grab the free food from the Employer-of-the-Day table.

 Free food!

7)     Your non-Smith friends laugh at you because you spend more time on Fridays at career events than they do in class.

 Career event

8)     You’re a master of everything Miscrosoft and your non-Smith friends have you on speed-dial for questions about PowerPoint and Excel.


9)     You have dreams about Porter’s Five Forces… and you like it.


10)   You’ve purchased something you really don’t need to help your friend win an entrepreneurship competition.

 Smith Stuff

11)   You get more excited getting a prime-time reservation in the case rooms than you do when you get an “A” from Professor Lele.

 Case schedule

12)   Van Munching Hall is your primary address for ordering food online.

 Van Munching Hall

13)   The best way you meet new people is standing in line at the WEPA – Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere – printers in Van Munching Hall.


14)   You never leave Van Munching Hall so you have to make a special trip to McKeldin Library to rub Testudo’s nose for good luck before your exams.


15)   When you walk out of Van Munching Hall a dozen text messages and voice mails pop-up on your phone.


16)   You leave Van Munching Hall at 4 p.m. sharp every day to move your car from Lot 1 to the Mowatt Lane Parking Garage.


17)   You already have an amazing suit collection before you even get your first real job.


18)   You are tagged in more pictures on Facebook with your classmates and professors from global study trips than with your own family.

Facebook photo 

19)   You understand this sentence: This year, I’m volunteering with CSVC to help at SES13 and Dingman for Cupid’s Cup – and I have a job as a GA in OCS.


20)   Half of your clothes are Under Armour. You never know if you might run into CEO and founder Kevin Plank – a 1996 Smith graduate – one day in Van Munching Hall and of course he’ll offer you a job on the spot because of your UA ensemble.

 Kevin Plank

21)   Your professors are rock star industry experts – one has a weekly column in the Washington Post and one is tight with Warren Buffett.

 Kass and Buffet

Special thanks to Peter Haldis, MBA Candidate ’14, Manas Kulkarni ’13 and Alissa Arford, EMBA ’10, for their help compiling this list.

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