AI Leadership for Healthcare

Harness your passion and be a healthcare leader in the age of AI

This first-of-its-kind AI-centric training program is designed for managers, administrators, clinical professionals and others who seek to advance their career through a focused study preparing for the future of AI-enabled healthcare. Learn to:

  • Identify the right AI tool for different challenges and opportunities
  • Leverage advances in AI to empower providers and patients
  • Navigate the upcoming paradigm changes and turmoil
  • Implement and manage AI projects in healthcare

While participants will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on AI exercises throughout the training, no programming experience is needed.

Module Overview

Health Financial Management

Review the fundamentals of healthcare finance while learning how AI is being applied across the revenue cycle. Topics include medical coding, denial management, and fraud detection.

Healthcare Operations and Patient Engagement

This module will introduce a variety of AI tools that have been used to reduce costs, minimize waste and create value in the healthcare sector. The module will also showcase how to leverage AI for greater patient engagement by assessing patient preference, enhancing treatment precision, and improving service processes.

Health Tech and Informatics

Develop an understanding of core health informatics knowledge, systems and management concepts. Learn strategies, methods, and policies for effectively applying data from clinical, administrative, and analytical systems. Discuss current trends in cybersecurity, usability and cloud computing.

Leading AI Transformation

Learn how to build AI capabilities across your organization and lead with data-driven strategy. In this module, you will learn about cultivating the right organizational culture, managing change, and the unique demands of introducing AI to the workplace.

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School of Public Health