QUEST Curriculum

QUEST students complete four core courses and one elective for a total of 17 credits. Students who complete all five courses earn a notation on their transcript and gain skills in teamwork, process improvement, systems thinking, product design and development, data analysis, and oral and written communication.

QUEST students work in multidisciplinary teams on team-based, experiential learning projects in each course. QUEST projects focus on real challenges facing organizations and society today. Students apply total quality tools, process improvement methods, design techniques, and systems thinking principles to develop real and immediately-applicable innovations that improve processes, drive productivity, and reduce costs for clients.

QUEST Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply quality management tools, improve processes, and design systems.
  2. Communicate ideas effectively in professional environments through oral presentations.
  3. Communicate ideas effectively in writing.
  4. Manage projects and people using effective project management tools.
  5. Manage the new product development process for a new product or service that addresses an opportunity or problem.
  6. Use business etiquette skills to network and communicate in diverse professional settings and behave in a professional and ethical manner.
  7. Use quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques.
  8. Work in multidisciplinary teams with an understanding of different roles and how to negotiate conflict in these situations.
  9. Work in multidisciplinary teams to evaluate, analyze and recommend solutions to real-world problems provided by corporate sponsors.

The QUEST curriculum was updated in Spring 2019. Learn more about the QUEST curriculum for prospective students, sophomores, and juniors. Learn more about the QUEST curriculum for seniors admitted prior to Spring 2019. 

QUEST students are admitted into a cohort of 45 students and complete our four required courses in sequence with their cohort. Learn more about the QUEST course sequence by cohort. Additionally, QUEST courses may count as general education or elective requirements towards your degree. Learn more about how QUEST fits into your major.

QUEST Courses

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