QUEST Alumni

One of the greatest strengths of the QUEST program is its vibrant alumni community. In our 29th year at UMD, we have over 1,400 alumni all across the world. We welcome alumni participation in a number of areas.

Connect With Fellow Alumni

For alumni looking to extend their professional network, join QUEST’s LinkedIn group and connect with other members.

Visit QUEST’s alumni directory (email Jessica Roffe at for log-in details) for more information on specific locations and companies where our alumni are located or to update your personal information.

Opportunities for Involvement

Alumni Events

With regular happy hours and other social events in the DC area and beyond, the QUEST network provides great opportunities for social or professional connections. 

QUEST alumni happy hour

In the Classroom

QUEST regularly invites alumni back to the classroom to serve as guest speakers, co-instructors, or presentation panelists. 

Small group of students in a classroom

At Your Company

Students in QUEST’s scoping course venture beyond the borders of College Park to meet with organizations and learn more about their company culture and operations. Alumni often make great project champions for projects in our capstone and data analysis courses. There are also opportunities for QUEST to visit your company’s international offices during study abroad trips or California offices during our QUEST to Silicon Valley trip each spring. 

QUEST students visit Capital One

Social Events With Students

QUEST holds a number of events to foster relationships between current students and alumni. From networking dinners to football tailgates, to community service events, there are a number of ways to get involved with QUEST students.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact Jessica Roffe at

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