Krowe Award Winners


Mary Harms

Professor Harms is recognized for using experiential learning in her classroom, with exercises that not only illustrate the concepts of digital marketing, but that result in output that the students can use to market themselves to prospective employers. Harms is also known for the large and enthusiastic network of alumni she has cultivated who provide career opportunities for graduating Smith students. “Not only this but she had alumni give presentations to our class about companies located in the area. From one of these presentations, I was able to secure a full-time job. Without this professor creating opportunities to make these invaluable connections, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to personally connect with these digital companies.” She goes above and beyond to make sure you learn. She always carries a smile, is super patient in answering questions and is generous in time like has all his life to only answer your question.

David Kass

Professor Kass is recognized for his passion for what he does, his passion for his students and for integrating current news into his classroom. “At the beginning of all classes, there is a designated time for students to participate in discussions about current news and events that may affect the market. This helps students to gain a better understanding of the market and the importance of events to the stock market volatility. This encourages students to communicate in class and helps them understand the market better.”

Elinda Kiss

Professor Kiss is, in the words of one of her nominators, “a passionate, qualified professor who deserves to be recognized.” Nominators further report that Kiss “cares about students as much as, if not more than, any professor I've had in my four years….It is consistently evident to me how much this professor enjoys the material being taught. Without hesitation, [she] will share with students past experiences in the field, derail the lecture to further explain a concept that the class is struggling with, or spend the majority of the class relating course material to a recent event.”

Jeff Kudish

Professor Kudisch is recognized for individualizing the educational experience for his students. He encourages students “to bring their whole selves, each and every day.” The professor “develops personal relationships with students and tries to learn individual learning characteristics so that lectures can be can be personalized to the needs of the class.”

Rachelle Sampson

Professor Sampson is recognized for making difficult material – and herself – accessible to advance student learning, both in class, during office hours, and via phone for professional students studying part-time. Also noted for inclusive behavior in the classroom, ensuring all students’ questions are addressed. “The professor does a fantastic job presenting a lot of complex material in an accessible way in a short amount of time. The course is very well-organized, lectures are engaging, supplemental materials are incredibly valuable, and office hours are really helpful and interesting.”

Tunay Tunca

Professor Tunca is recognized for his dedication to student learning by giving generously of his own time to students – “as if life is dedicated only to answering your question.” “This professor explains any concept as if it is the most interesting yet easiest thing to learn in the class.” Tunca is famous for asking “crystal clear?" to make sure students understood all concepts and for using real-world analogies, humor and personal professional examples to illustrate concepts.