Krowe Award Winners


Margret Bjarnadottir, Decision, Operations & Information Technologies
Margret cares deeply about her students learning the material. She creates a variety of activities that reinforce the topics, sets measurable and achievable goals, sets in-class goals to a relatively strict timeline, has an amiable attitude, really knows the subject matter, and most importantly is able to convey the subject matter.

Rellie Derfler-Rozin, Management & Organization
Recognized for her excellent work in teaching negotiations to MBA students.  These students appreciate her level of dedication; she is so invested in helping students learn the material and apply it outside the classroom. Rellie is extremely insightful and keeps the material interesting. She is passionate about the topic, committed to creating a collaborative and open learning environment, and uses great exercises in confirming the lessons.

Sam Handwerger, Accounting & Information Assurance
Recognized for his “boundless enthusiasm for the teaching mission (as well as the service mission) of the School. He brings a wealth of practical experience into the classroom, as well as his passion for teaching and a wonderful sense of humor. Moreover, he displays genuine concern for his students and goes out of his way to help them with career development and placement.”

Zeinab Karake, Decision, Operations & Information Technologies
Recognized for her dedication to her students.  She keeps her large class engaging and relevant, and puts great care into presenting material in a way that is understandable to everyone in the class.  She goes out of her way to address student questions, and is warm and caring.

Alberto Rossi, Finance
Recognized for excellent teaching in a very rigorous core course. He breaks down material into parts for students so that they can be more easily understood and shows them how to apply the material to practice.  Students outside of finance greatly appreciate how he makes a difficult course extremely easy to grasp.

Jie Zhang, Marketing
Recognized for delivering clear and engaging classes and connecting with her students.  She knows every student by name, and is highly responsive to questions or concerns.  She cares about her students, and takes the time to ensure that her students know the material well.